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Regardless of ones feelings about EQG, it did apply an interesting bit of insight into Flutter's personality. (Pony, not human. No spoilers.) · 2:09pm Jul 1st, 2013

In the opening lines of the movie, we get to hear...

Applejack: Hoo-wee! Your very first princess summit. You must be over the moon, Twilight.
Twilight Sparkle: Oh, I am excited. But, to be honest, I'm a little nervous, too.
Pinkie Pie: You're nervicited! It's like you wanna jump up and down and yell "YAY ME!!" But you also wanna curl up in a teeny-tiny ball and hide at the same time! We've all been there!
Fluttershy: I'm there almost every day.

It's a small, but very important distinction that Fluttershy isn't just quiet. She's quiet and excited. It does quite explain why she becomes rather loud and very apparently emotional whenever she for whatever reason drops that tendency towards social awkwardness.

In the show, she tended to come across as rather passive and quiet, even when expressing herself.

Unless she for whatever reason was... Angered.


Or incredibly excited.

With her previous statement, it's now implying that she's probably one of the most emotional of the cast. Definitely the least calm. Which would probably fall on Applejack. It just so happens that her emotions tend to counteract and her nervousness causes her to hold back her feelings unless she's caught off guard. Her expression of negative emotions, fear and anger, tend to be stronger then her expressions of happiness and excitement. Which helps my hypothesis, as it tends to be much more difficult to think clearly when scared than happy. It is, while subtle, a rather important point to note about our gentle Pegasus. At the very least I'm going to change how I write her... self-restraint through a heavy mix of intense feelings over calmness through minor expressed emotion.

It does make sense though, kindness is generally associated with empathy, and in several points, she showed a greater ability to understand the feelings of others in comparison to the rest of the cast. Even antagonist characters. I wonder if there's a reason for that...

... Nah.

Anyway, just something I observed, and felt like thinking about at... Six AM. :facehoof:
Feel free to disagree, debate, or what have you. This is about Fluttershy characterization after all. Just no headcanons. :trixieshiftleft:

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This post is obviously stupid and biased.

y u do dis to moirae?:raritydespair:

Okay, that's more thought at 6am for you then all day for me. Reading this, it seems to make sense for her honestly.

Because your face, stigg.

YOUR FACE!!!!!!:rainbowdetermined2:

it'd make sense, at the least. I couldn't really say either way, I'd have to rewatch and see for myself.

1180576 is blind>>1180571!!! You win, kay?:rainbowdetermined2:

1181206 I'm not blind. :|

Only partially. I wear glasses. ¬.¬

1181332 "That's what it'll sound like when one of you actually sees it."

1181339 "Oh, Sokka! You've saved me!"

1181346*Toph gives a big wet kiss..............with tongue*:unsuresweetie::pinkiegasp:

I'm gunna have to take 1181366's statement for my own: you're making-out with Toph:twilightsmile:

1181375 Oh, fine.
I'll accept it.

Because why not, it's not like shippers ever let up. :derpytongue2:

1181381Or you can be in Toph's position, and for whatever inexplicable reason, Suki makes-out with you:ajsmug:

1181386 What is this, I don't even.


Still, it is you on the inside. :heart:

1181390 Apparently you're being shipped....:twistnerd: Suki or Toph? I personally would go for Toph, but that's me:ajsmug:

1181397 Personally, Toph is much more awesome.


So cute.

... God my discussion blog is off topic.

1181404 Are you sure this isn't a scam?

Last time I got a free hug from something/someone cute, I got my wallet stolen.

1181408Then you kiss her and steal HER wallet:ajsmug:

1181410 >implying that she has a wallet to begin with

1181413She has other peoples' too.... and if she likes your kiss, even better: you get to share the money:pinkiehappy:

1181425 Myeh, I'm a hoarder.

I'll take both, and keep 'em.

At least Capri won't earthbend you for getting out of line.

1181442 As useful as waterbending would be, I'd like earthbending.

Or maybe firebending…

Probably earthbending, though.

1181445No, come back! I still love you!:heart:

Just, you know: it's Toph:rainbowkiss::heart:How can you not love her?:heart:

1182881 "As you can see, each element has it's own strengths and weaknesses…"

"But fire is the best!"

1183569 Uncle Iroh said it, so it is automatically canon.

1183576You haven't watched Korra yet?.... you'll know the epic when you do:ajbemused:

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