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Stand Back: I'm going to try SCIENCE. · 12:53am Jul 1st, 2013

So that social experiment I mentioned for this weekend? Prep work took a touch longer than expected, but we're going gold.

Give the somewhat anemic response to the initial feelers, this may end up getting little to no interest. On the other hoof, it might end up being unexpectedly swamped. The scotch and rockmusic will flow regardless.

Before we begin, I'll lay down some things:

This is going to be an open-view, stream-of-consciousness style writing session. Most people will be able to view the doc and can use the local chat [Edit: I think anonymous people can use the chat? You may need a GDocs sign-in?], while a certain few (those I know personally / my usual editors) can comment directly.

Now, I may write ten thousand words in six hours, or I may write one thousand and spend all my time goofing in chat with people (if people are there to goof with); I don't know. The flipside of that being that this stream-of-consciousness writing may involve some audience participation! Be it in what story I write, or possibly even a full-on, double rainbow, audience-election of story progression. Who knows.

The really important bit, though, is that this session may have writing from currently in-progress or as-yet-unannounced future works, and so is going to obviously be loaded the hell down with spoilers everywhere. You are accordingly warned, insofar as you are concerned about such things.

With the boilerplate disclaimers out of the way, let's open the rabbit hole up to those inclined to a tumble, now shall we? We're off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of scotch...

Edit: Also, since it keeps being asked, this is happening right now. Get in here!

The Science!™ has now concluded, though the doc is still there for anyone who so wishes to take a look at.

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Ah ponyfeathers. I guess I slept through it. Celly-damn timezone things.

:pinkiegasp: How was it? Did the pressure of the audience lead to you writing more, or was it just distracting? Was there an audience? Was it fun? Was there rock music? Didja drink lots of scotch? If ya did drink lots of scotch, do you have a hangover now? If ya have a hangover, are you glad that you don't actually have to read this in Pinkie Pie's voice if ya don't want to?

I don't even have a hangover and that have me a headache. Must be the tiredness.

Anyways, I'm bummed I missed this. I was looking forward to it. Cursed jobs making me work on the weekend...

All I really remember is stupidity, laughing at everything, rum, and it ending with me sick. :pinkiesick: It was worth it for how long I was there; and I apologize for how I kinda left abruptly Sunny... This needs to happen again sometime with a bit less alcohol in my immediate area. :facehoof:

Btw, if you didn't already figure it out, I'm Pope. :twilightsmile:

1181443 Sick? Well, that's unfortunate, to be sure. I myself am perfectly fine and dandy, but then my Scottish tolerance is good like that. It was good having you, though!

1180630 To be fair, my launching the event at mid-evening on a Sunday wasn't the most accessible thing either.

1180384 Audience pressure didn't really come to bear per se, though I was distracted by the chat plenty. In the end I wrote somewhere between 1500-1800 words of actual story stuff; the doc unto itself is a lot more than that, but it's mostly just wankery. There was an audience! Peak attendance reached a concurrent nine, but more commonly six or seven (see my above comment about sunday evenings for more on that). There was rock music! The doc has an overview of my playlist. And there wasn't as much scotch (three fingers) as last weekend (seven fingers), but there was more amaretto liqueur (5 shots vs. 1). I do not, in fact, have a hangover, as I have never, because Scottish. And Pinkie makes everything better. :pinkiehappy:


It was my stupidity to decide upon just drinking on an empty stomach and so much after so long not doing so. Like I said; I think we need to do this again sometime, and I'm glad I wasn't as much of a nuisance as I thought I was being!

Well poop...I missed it--figures. I was driving across five states while you guys were having literary fun times, among other things. At least I'm not the only one.

And you're Scottish? Like, partially, descended from, or full blown?

I'm totally calling you Scotty now and making lots of Star Trek jokes >:D

1182575 There may be another such event. I like the whole social idea thingy. It's novel and such.

And I'm Canadian born, western-Canadian raised, but of Scottish (and a little Irish) descent.

Ah well there goes the Scotty jokes, still cool though. So Canada huh? I'd like to travel there someday, if only to visit the neighbors. I'm sure you get this all the time, but ever had any run-ins with a polar bear?

1183322 I've never lived anywhere near that far enough north, no. Contrary to most the belief of most people outside Canada, it's not actually winter and igloos all the time here. Our weather is more or less identical to the United States' climate (maybe 3-5 degrees cooler overall) for the bottom half of the country.

At least you're not bringing parkas and skis on an august vacation (yes, people have actually done that, like the 29th parallel is some magical ice wall). :twilightsmile:

Haha that's unfornate for those vacationers, but it obviously does make sense that an imaginary line doesn't affect the climate, though for the record I'm not completely denying the existence of a giant ice wall...just to be sure...

Well, when I someday visit Canada, for the hidden purpose of running into a polar bear, I'll come find you before hand and we'll go together. Since you're canadian, and thus you'll clearly have an innate knowledge of dealing and communicating with polar bears, you're petting it first.

Ever been to the states?

1184000 I have not yet been to the States, though I will be visiting Baltimore in a month for a certain event. You may have heard of it. :pinkiehappy:


Dude that's awesome. I live like only an hour away from Baltimore, so there's no way on earth I'm missing Bronycon. If possible, we'll have to meet up--I can't miss meeting a pony author from fimfic in real life, and for your first time in the U.S. as well.

I'm surprised though, that's a long way to come for a convention. Kudos to the dedication, Sunchaser.

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