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  • 76 weeks
    why is this happening

    why is the master of a rotten vale not coming up a lot of stories i've been reading have the 404 page not found it's weird i personally found no reason to remove it it was a great story

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  • 228 weeks
    Epic Youtube Find

    I found a fucking a fucking awesome batman video while browsing youtube and here it is Batman of Shanghai

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  • 296 weeks

    I'm currently looking through all groups and stories to find some more interesting stories i'm open to suggestions from people you can see some of the type of stories i like in my bookshelf's narrow it down some in there i havent gotten to yet and pln on it soon but want to read them so yaeh give suggestions if you want i'll keep looking

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  • 346 weeks
    update on my activity

    lately i've been reading a lot of stories that have humans in it whether they come in human form or turned into something else even humans with anthros these have had so much more to them don't get me wrong the ones without humans are good but it just hard to say like it's missing that extra edge to the story even tho some of the ones i've read get canceled (which i am irritated about but i can't

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  • 404 weeks
    this is awesome

    right at xmas new chapters for 2 of my favorite stories come out (Rebirth of the Damned,Spiders and Magic Rise of Spider-Mane and even Prince Blaze Sparkle) can't wait 2 finish reading them hope every one has a fun and awesome holiday

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2 any one that follows me · 5:55am Jun 28th, 2013

i'm somone one who is a great critic of stories but not so good at writing them so i'm most likely not going 2 be able 2 write any cause i have a lot of improvement be for im good enough 2 write the stories that ive seen so far which where great and if u get on me about how i type just know i could care less of wat people think of how i type right now so moving on i will most likely be reading and commenting on how good or bad and some places that might need work i have a good eye for interesting stories and im looking through all the clop ones and normal romance ones and maybe some gore 2 that has gotten me interested for quite a bit of time like the story inner demons very interesting that it kept pace and drew the reader in very well worded and in the story Two's Company, Three's a Crowd ive reread it at least 5 times now and can't get enough of it it was able 2 make me shed a few tears and i got 2 say i can't do that on my own it is a great story it was funny at times then heart wrenching a few times i cant wait for the final chapters 2 come out it has me excited the characters r well rounded and great there is nothing even remotely bad at all about this in closing keep looking for my reviews on the stories even if they r short comments

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