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I'm pretty uninteresting. I also can't write or draw, but I do both anyway.

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Drama bombs. · 5:26am Jun 28th, 2013

I drew this shortly after LunarPrince temporarily blocked me. I mean, there wasn't just that event. There were several others.

Like, Elusive Phoenix and Chaotic Note, which I might just refer to as "The Clash of the Miniature Titans". It's hard to say who exactly started it, as it happened at about the same time, but digital sparks flew, and not in a "Hey, look at those cool fireworks!" kind of way. They flew more like a "Jesus Christ, it's the end of the world!" kind of way. It was absolutely crazy, with Elusive even receiving a piece of fan-art along the way. Mildly-erotic fan-art, I might add.

Then, almost like a one-man clean up crew, LunarPrince369 comes to Elusive's blog to see what happened. After finding out, he went straight to Chaotic's blog, where he began to verbally assault and guess the age of Chaotic. It was a ballsy mive, I'll give him that. I also watched over the discussion.

Shortly after that, we come to LunarPrince's blog, where he accuses me of accusing him of hiding something. Like the un-cool cat* that I am, I proceed to repeat myself. Then, like the nighttime parrot he is, he repeats himself as well. Very quickly, he got angry, then blocked me. I was kinda frustrated, but I wasn't about to fall into the same angry pit as Chaotic, Elusive, and then Lunar had fallen into. Like the guy my Dad wishes I would be, I pushed on.

And, here we are now. Enjoy the story, and enjoy the art.

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Remove the eyes and mouth and you get at-home Slenderman.:rainbowlaugh:

That was well explained. If I could, I would give everybody that got involved a long hug, so we can all sob on eachother's shoulders.:trollestia:


Why cry when we can be men and just kinda nod and give each other awkward (yet somehow reassuring) looks?

1173739 BECAUSE SCIENCE! (and because most of us are 13-17 in age):rainbowwild:

1173753 It reminds me how none of my friends can beat portal.
None of them.:rainbowlaugh:
Filthy humans!:trollestia:


*Portal (should be capitalized)

Also, there you go again with the whole "filthy humans" thing. I could care less, but still thought I'd say something.

1173765 Trollestia.
She has that name for a reason.:derpytongue2::pinkiehappy::rainbowwild:


Molestia has the same thing going on.

1173774 GOOD OLD RULE 34.
I FREAKIN' LOVE IT.:flutterrage::twilightangry2:

Curse you Mollestia!:rainbowwild:
Okay, that's the wrong emoticon to use with Mollestia.:pinkiesick:


That's what she said.
Watch, you're gonna think about it for a second, and then get it.

1173795 I'm okay with dirty jokes.
I don't want to SEE it.
Or remember how I saw it...

1173798 stab you in the throat like I did Blueblood.


Blueblood is God to you, isn't he?

1173838 no, he's like most humans.


And blue.
Occasionally bloody.

1174634 Gotta love them spears, man...


Or dem plastic spoon knives.

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