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Appologies to CMoC fans... · 7:03pm Jun 27th, 2013

Hey guys, sorry I've not been around a lot. God it's dusty in here. *swats away a few cobwebs*

In any case, Cutie Marks of Chaos. I've gotten a few notes from a few people asking me if I've stopped working on it, if I'm just dropping it all together. In a way, I kinda have: I've not had any interest in either Friendship is Magic or Warhammer 40k lately, none, zip, nada. And if I've got no interest in either part of a crossover, motivation for the story would be at an all time low. I've tried and tried to drum up inspiration to write, but that well has been bone dry for Celestia knows how long.

So... am I stopping Cutie Marks of Chaos?


No, Nien, Bù, Nee, Nej, Non, Den, and no in many other languages.

Sure, I've had very, very little motivation or time to write, but I still want to get this written! Of course, this means you guys are going to require nigh-saintly patience with me. Also, I'd love to talk with you guy and hear possible fan theories or just hear your thoughts on chapters, so please, post comments on the story, Private Message me, heck, hit me up on Steam and Skype!

It's gonna be a while before I can really drum up inspiration to TRAIIIIIIIIIIN levels, but I'm not giving up.

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Dude, damn near gave me a heart attack there. If you need help, just ask.

Also, for an Idea, maybe you could go full scale "Oblivion crisis" in canterlot with one of the big four, most likely khorne. Or slannesh, we could always watch slannesh get his ass kicked.:scootangel:

Just a thought.

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