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  • 314 weeks
    Address Unknown now has a dramatic reading!

    For everyone out there that enjoys Address Unknown, I have been honored to have a dramatic reading done by HanaYoriUta! I owe him a huge amount of thanks for it; for a story this long, it was no easy undertaking. 13 weeks in the making, and a whopping 15½ hours long, let's give him a big round of applause!!!

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    Strange poll post! Let me know what you think!

    If you haven't seen before, a side project of mine has been sewing stuff. Though extensive projects like writing or sewing plushies are very slow going for me thanks to real life, this specific type isn't that time consuming - machine embroidering stuff. So I thought it might be interesting to make my own custom boxers/briefs with cutie marks embroidered on them. They seem to turn out pretty

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    Mindless downtime advertisements!

    Hey everypony!

    In an attempt to unwind from aforementioned stress, I've picked up Final Fantasy XIV: ARR for some downtime after work or during kids' nap times. :raritywink:

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    Real life gets in the way once again

    Hay everypony out there!

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  • 435 weeks
    Mobile DerpLight!

    Thanks to Kevinltk, Address Unknown has been converted into ePub and mobi formats, for anypony out there that would like it available as an eBook! :pinkiesmile:

    If you are interested in the downloads, links to the files are on both my homepage and in the description to Address Unknown. Thanks again, everypony!


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Revisions are now complete! · 4:35pm Jun 24th, 2013

I know it must be causing a lot of confusion with all the sudden updates - the revisions I made are now complete! The notifications reflect several added chapters, and possibly the fact that I had to renumber the rest of the chapters to reflect these additions.

I hope that the changes are welcome, and that it makes the story more enjoyable for all!

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Comments ( 6 )

They aren't bad. I'm also glad to see you kept the old chapters. Well, some of them anyway.

Most just get rid of them and never mention them again.

~Skeeter The Lurker

1165204 Actually, all chapters were kept... there was one chapter that had a substantial portion moved to another chapter for continuity, so that chapter was simply merged with the previous chapter. (it would have been only 1,000 words otherwise. :facehoof: )

... fuck it, I'll just set the whole thing to unread and re-read it.

Cool ... now to put it on my nook and I'll have something to read at the laundromat this weekend! I snuck a peek at the new chapters, but I will love to see how the story flows now.

So was the changes only for the 4 you uploaded or was it completely through the entire fic?

1166044 The major changes were the new 4 chapters. There were minor modifications elsewhere, but mostly to maintain continuity between what was there and what was added. I could have changed the fundamental plot line, but I really didn't want to; I like the way the story played out, regardless of some issues people had. My main goal was to give more attention to relationships, backstory, and add some more d'aww moments and such to give the romance portion more of a backbone as it was pretty flimsy before. If anybody wants to just know what's new, aside from a few minor changes, almost all of it happens in the new 4 chapters and the few immediately surrounding them. The main story progression/ending remain unchanged (if you were hoping for that, sorry! :twilightblush: )

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