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Oh Pokemon, how I've missed you · 6:58am Jun 23rd, 2013

So three days ago I decided to treat myself by getting a 3DS, Pokemon White 2, and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. I've been playing more pokemon than MH3. And I haven't played a new pokemon game since Gen lll. Pokémon Emerald was the first one of the pokemon series I played. I never got into the games before that, mainly because I didn't have a Gameboy. And after a while, and by that I mean a couple of years, I got kind of board. But hearing X and Y coming out and all the cool new features it's adding, I jut had to get caught up.

Some features I'm happy to see is the new Eeveelution, Sylveon. I like the add of fairy type. Yes, that's right, I like it! And before people start arguing that it shouldn't be around or whatever the reason people get butt-hurt about it is, you have to remember, nothing stays the same in a fandom. Eventually, something has to change, and at first you won't like it when you hear about it, but after a while you begin enjoying it, and eventually you accept it. Plus, I mean, look at this, it's great.

Never get tired of looking at that picture. I'm even excited for Gardevoir becoming a fairy too. She's my favorite psychic type and no dubitably in
the top five.

Another feature I'm excited for is MOTHER-FUCKING-GOGOAT!

Fuck you bikes, I have a new form of transportation now!

And let's not forget Mew-two's new form!

No long time pokemon fan such as myself can't not be excited for this. I matched the first movie at least a hundred times as a kid. It only makes me sad that we threw it away along with our VHS.

But possibly the one thing I'm most excited for is being able to sit on a bench.

... So beautiful.

So, now I'm playing White 2, and it's been so long that I've forgotten the magic and wonder of what being a pokemon trainer is like. I'm having so much fun on this adventure. I've currently beaten the first three gym leaders, I have my main party team, caught a few pokemon, and working my way up. I didn't even name my rival DOUCHE.

I've named my main party after the seven deadly sins. It consists of a Lv. 20 Onix (WRATH), Lv. 24 Dewot (PRIDE), Lv. 22 Psyduck (ENVY), Lv. 20 Roggenrola (SLOTH), Lv. 22 Lucario (GREED), and Lv. 23 Arcanine (GLUTTANY). My LUST (LUSTS actually, I have two) is currently in the box, two Lv. 18 Eevees, both a different gender. Now I don't have to get a Ditto to get more Eevees for all Eeveeltions. What else sitting in my box is another Riolu. I ran into four of them within half an hour, no joke. I looked it up and apparently finding one is less of a chance than finding Pikachu in Viridian forest. It's a 5%, what's more, the one in my box is female. You have a 25% chance that the Riolu you find is female. So we're talking about a 1.25% chance of finding a female Riolu, and I actually found it. I'm proud of myself.

So, that's what I've been up to. If you have any comments, you know where to put them. Adios.

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Gluttony* lol

sounds like fun, I put over two hundred hours into my first pokemon game.

1162175What's tragic in my first is that I had a Mew-two, Lugia, Ho-oh, Latias and Latios, all thee starters, and a few level 100, and I deleted that saved file. I did like, everything in the game and there was latterly nothing for me left to do so I decided to start fresh.

Here's what I had to say about fairy types. FUCK THEM! When I first heard Gardevoir was being changed to a fairy type, I raged. The ONLY psychic type (barring Espeon) that I ever allow on my team is gardevoir. Ever since I overpowered my gardevoir in Emerald version, I've loved Gardevoirs. I did eventually calm down, because it was announced she would be half fairy half psychic... still though.

And I hate you for finding a Riolu (did you have to stay and find it, or did you find it randomly?). I went through Floccessy Ranch, and went to town. When I saw trainers had Riolus, I googled where they spawned, and saw Floccessy Ranch. I spent two fucking hours searching for one. Granted I found two in a row (one of which was female) and caught both, but it was a very annoying two hours. Named em Pride and Wrath.:twilightsheepish:

And I too am looking forward to X and Y. More likely going to get X so I can get the dragon/phoenix looking legendary instead of that... weird... deer?

Also, MH3U is fun as fucking hell. Repetitive, but fun.

You forgot one thing.
Diagonal movement.

1162295 You mean Y right? Pokemon X has the deer legendary, Y has the dragon.

1162547That doesn't sound right.:unsuresweetie: Just like with White/Black. Black had Reshiram while White had Zekrom.

1162577 They did that in Black and White because they were doing Yin and Yang. In the white side there is a black dot, White with Zekrom, and on the black side there is a white dot, Black with Reshiram.

Hey good for you, did you will put some of those pokemons in your story of burning souls? By the way, when are you going to continue it?

1162966When I finish Element of Willpower. Hopefully a week or two but no promises.

Hmmm I really should start to play pokemon again shouldn't I...I stopped before playing the 5th generation after seeing the starters...My beloved fire-type was turned into a pig! I kinda just lost interest from there onwards...Nah I have to stat playing them again! I've been playing since crystal so why stop?

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