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  • 262 weeks
    I don't know where I am.

    I think I'm real. I was pretty sure. It made sense that I was at the center of my own world, the creator of everything my mind brought forth.

    But that's hardly probable, is it...?

    I think I'm the product of someone else's imagination.

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    You wouldn't believe it, but I actually posted a thing.

    I made a thing! Well, a little thing. But it's just as thing-y!

    Anyway, it's a little short, short story about or with Tank that's sort of cute.

    Or so I have been informed.

    You don't have to read it.

    It's here.

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    Hey guys! (New story!)

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    Meanwhile, in Other Places...

    Hey, Gluey has a new story and I want you to read this! Meanwhile, I really am working on stuff and I will post new stories, I promise.

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    Okay. Guess who's back?

    Back again.

    Squiddy's back.

    Tell a friend.

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STATUS UPDATE · 9:11pm Jun 20th, 2013

So, I've been thinking... Maybe I should just forget about trying to be a popular writer and just write how I used to. Stuff like The Pi and The Pastry Postulate, which I had a blast writing and you guys seem to like too.

Actually, I had a few stories beginnings I almost posted, but... not gonna do that yet. Or maybe at all. I realized that my warped sense of humor doesn't apply to everyone, and that one story in particular was likely to be drastically misunderstood, so... forget it.

I also had plans to write a few "normal" stories... You know, slice-of-life type stuff. I still want to do that, but until I'm confident in my ability to write them well, they're on hold too.

It Was Tuesday is, as of now, on hiatus.

Cloud Ten and Sunny Skies All Year Round... I might just revoke those completely.

Overall, the bad news, which isn't really bad news at all, is that I've decided to just chillax and let you, the audience, decide if my work should be popular. And if it shouldn't be, then it won't be, and I'm fine with that. I guess I realized that anything I do on this site is not about me. It's about you--the reader--and always should have been.

The good news is that I'm probably gonna start writing again soon. So, keep looking out for it, and I'll see you all in whatever I write next!

You guys are incredible. It took a while for that to sink in.


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