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  • 477 weeks
    Okay. What the fuck.

    I'm fucking scared.

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  • 488 weeks
    ...................Im Lost.

    Yeah. I think im going insane. Ive been having weird dreams about world domination, and... Monkey Porn. Oh well. 18+ BatMan story commin up.

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  • 488 weeks
    Girl Of My Dreams

    There is a girl, who never falls out of line, and who I so desperately wish was mine.
    She knows how start a firework and ride a horse, and WHEN she rides, its never off course.
    She can snap a whip and fire a gun, and when it comes to walking, she will always run.
    Nobody knows that she is my crush, that she is my dream, or that she makes me rush.

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  • 493 weeks
    New Album

    my new Johnny Cash Album arrived today! I freakin love this guy!

    -I walk the line
    -I still miss someone
    -the legend of john henry's hammer
    -don't take your guns to town
    -in the jailhouse now
    -ring of fire
    -understand your man
    -the ballad of ira hayes
    -folsom prision blues
    -daddy sang bass

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  • 493 weeks

    I haz beated Link to da past! For like the ninth time

    Its kind of an accomplishment. Kind of.

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Freakin' Giant Under Water Robot Shark... · 10:57pm Jun 14th, 2013

Im stuck. You fugure out why.

Its in the game Banjo-Kazooie. Water levles in platformers are my weakness. I hate my life...

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Dude, can't believe you're still stuck. Haven't you been trying to save this guy for, what, a few weeks?

18 days. First im scarred of the guy so my eyes are closed almost all of the time. Seccond, i run out of breath when i rescue him. Then i haft to do it again. Third, i HATE sharks.

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