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  • 371 weeks
    I'm gone for 10 weeks soon...

    ... As part of a demolition job. My story leap of faith is on Hiatus and I'm in the process of messaging the authors I edit for. This is just a heads up. I should be around for the rest of the week :)

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  • 372 weeks
    I need suggestions and ideas :)

    So as a little project to get back into the swing of writing I'm gonna ask you guys for a oneshot idea that you want to see. Post below and the one I think awesome I shall write it :)

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  • 372 weeks
    Regarding the future of my writing and apologies for the lack of it.

    To anybody/pony who reads this.

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  • 375 weeks
    Just a ramble.

    There is always a time in life when you feel down for no reason. Then there is times when there is a reason for it. You wish that reason was not there but deep down you need it. You feel it. Then some times life is a c**t and kicks you when your down.at the same time it offers a hand to help you up. I guess life is confusing and cruel but you live with it. For that is my definition of life. You

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  • 377 weeks
    I'm taking some injury time off to recover from an injury to my jewels

    Just so you guys know I'm taking time off to recover from a injury my testicles nothing will be posted for a week and when I do post it'll be a double post for the leap of faith story. In other news if you guys even read this recently I got a Job that's got me working 12 hour shifts and I'm paying rent. My Internet access is going to be limited but ill be sure to keep you guys in the loop :)

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Regarding the future of my writing and apologies for the lack of it. · 7:08pm Jun 11th, 2013

To anybody/pony who reads this.
As you have noticed I have been inactive for quite a while. A really long while. I recently got a new job, well three actually. My usual job as an apprentice blacksmith, security guard and working in a factory. Now that my hours and days have been organised I will do my best to back into writing. I plan to finish leap of faith before I release anymore chapters. The same will be said for the blacksmiths guide to equestria. Sorry bout that. And I will also be releasing some one shots and possibly a new story. Again I am sorry for the inactivity
The Blacksmith

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Glad to actually hear from you again. I started to wonder when you might release something new, and now I feel relieved a bit that you didn't quit writing because of the lack of free time. I really want to see how Leap of faith ends :pinkiehappy:

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