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    Hi there again.

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    Hey there, bros!

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    The End???

    Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the end. Chapter 12 is my official cut off for Half Past Octavia. I will be sending Chapter 11 to Moelogroc for editing like I did with Chapter 10 because he did a fantastic job and I thank him. This will come to and end and I hope that the end will be to your liking because I have a general idea of what I'll be doing. Since it's the last chapter it will be short, maybe

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    I'm so sorry!

    I'm so sorry for neglecting you guys with the unannounced hiatus. I've had my time consumed with reading the Hunger Games series. Currently on Catching Fire. Maybe I can sorta get a bit of writing style from it. I like to read and shape my writings after good authors a bit. But I'm pleased to say that tomorrow is the last day of school for me. Now for the occasion I will gladly post Chapter 9. :D

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Long Time No See · 8:51am Jun 11th, 2013

Hi there again.

I'll keep this short, and I mean really short. I probably don't plan on doing anymore fanfiction stuff on here anymore because...well, I guess I outgrew the whole MLP phase I went through, though I still plan to write stories. If you have liked what I've written in the past, or just even out of gentle curiosity, stop by my creative writing Tumblr I started earlier today. Link at the bottom. Mind you, most will still include YouTube musical atmosphere to help out through the read. Thanks again to any of you who check it out. Follow me if you want.


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that's a shame, oh well good luck.

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