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  • 313 weeks
    Address Unknown now has a dramatic reading!

    For everyone out there that enjoys Address Unknown, I have been honored to have a dramatic reading done by HanaYoriUta! I owe him a huge amount of thanks for it; for a story this long, it was no easy undertaking. 13 weeks in the making, and a whopping 15½ hours long, let's give him a big round of applause!!!

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  • 406 weeks
    Strange poll post! Let me know what you think!

    If you haven't seen before, a side project of mine has been sewing stuff. Though extensive projects like writing or sewing plushies are very slow going for me thanks to real life, this specific type isn't that time consuming - machine embroidering stuff. So I thought it might be interesting to make my own custom boxers/briefs with cutie marks embroidered on them. They seem to turn out pretty

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  • 429 weeks
    Mindless downtime advertisements!

    Hey everypony!

    In an attempt to unwind from aforementioned stress, I've picked up Final Fantasy XIV: ARR for some downtime after work or during kids' nap times. :raritywink:

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  • 431 weeks
    Real life gets in the way once again

    Hay everypony out there!

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  • 434 weeks
    Mobile DerpLight!

    Thanks to Kevinltk, Address Unknown has been converted into ePub and mobi formats, for anypony out there that would like it available as an eBook! :pinkiesmile:

    If you are interested in the downloads, links to the files are on both my homepage and in the description to Address Unknown. Thanks again, everypony!


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I'm not dead yet! I feel happy! I feel happy! · 1:43am Jun 11th, 2013

Ok, so seriously, I'm still around, and I just wanted to put in a status update, since I made the promise that revisions are in the works for Address Unknown.

The revisions are coming along well, albeit slowly; I'm trying to take my time to make sure it's not crappy writing and that it doesn't interrupt the flow of the original, detract from the original, or introduce conflicting parts due to an addition that doesn't match up with something 50 pages down the road. I also want to have everything written completely so the update can be all at once; otherwise it won't really make much sense. :P

All that taken into account, I've got only a few sections to go. So far, I've written an additional 15k words or so, amounting to an added 30 pages of content, not counting what I have left to write. So, it's going to be a BIG update.

I want to thank you all for your patience, and hope that this will make the story much more enjoyable for everypony out there.
Stay tuned, and I hopefully will get this finished sooner rather than later!


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Here's hoping there's something extra for the trope page in all that. :twilightsmile: Can't wait!

You can do the Highland fling?
Sorry, saw the blog title while I was downloading Address Unknown to my Kindle and I just had to say it... though after reading the blog I think I'll wait a bit longer.:twilightsmile:

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