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    I've been sitting on the completed rewrite of Tavern's second chapter for a while now, but I've got a slight problem. In the process of redoing the chapter, it grew by about four thousand words—similar to how when I redid the first chapter, it grew about two thousand words. Based on what I want to add to the third chapter, it's also going to grow a bit in the rewrite.

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    “Marry me, Barrel!”

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    (Don't panic, let me make my case first.)

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The Greyfeather Chapter Hub (Updated 7/10/13) · 10:49pm Jun 7th, 2013

First draft of the Minific is done. It's been added to the Greyfeather Chapter Hub under "The Real Daring Do"

Old Post Below:

Daring Do and the Greyfeather Prediction is a story I've been working on since last September, in one form or another, but recently I realized that it would be better suited to being told in first person, rather than third. In this blog, I will post news of the story's progress, as well as maintain a collection of links that will take you to the former third person chapters, as well as to the new first person chapters, when they're completed.

Click here to go to the chapter hub.

It's an open document with comments enabled, and comments are, indeed, encouraged.

In my original third person rendition, I was more concerned about getting Daring into a certain set of circumstances as quickly as possible. In the process, I skimped on a lot of character building and worldbuilding, and the story suffered for it. The new version isn't afraid to go into more detail regarding Daring's inner character. It's biodegradable, and softer on your skin.

While I don't think Greyfeather will ever be a proper adventure story with the proper adventure story mentality, I do think it's going to be a decent character piece for Daring. And there's nothing wrong with that.

Chapter Status

Chapter 1 is Complete!

Chapter 2 is Complete!

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