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    New Comic: Bare Naked Science Exhibition

    Since this is all but a dead account at this point, I'll keep it short.
    Moon Pearl and I have released another comic, this time focusing on EQG Celestia and Luna caught up in a wardrobe malfunction situation. Fans of ENF, public nudity, exhibitionism might be interested in this.

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  • 29 weeks
    Final Fantasy ENF Collab is finally up for sale.

    It's been several months in the making, but it's finally out.
    Me and Moon Pearl have been collaborating since June of last year on this comic. It's a huge step for us, working on something that involves a somewhat new kink, and new territory outside of MLP.

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  • 32 weeks
    Got a comic coming out in a few weeks

    This is pretty much a dead account by this point. If anyone wants to see where I'm more active, check me out on Twitter, I retweet stuff every few days or so.

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    I hope you like furry/scaly incest- Shedding Inhibitions Chapter 2 is available for purchase

    I think it's almost been a year since the last one came out. So, yeah, go ahead and recap what happened with the last chapter, and dive right into some mother-son snake incest. Well, buildup actually, no actual boinking just yet.
    This is a comic series I've co-produced with furry artist atrolux-- he's done all the art, I wrote the script from beginning to end. Hope y'all like it.

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    I guess I should say something about the ending of the show?

    Don't really have the energy to type anything long-winded out, so here's something short.

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Best Birthday EVER! · 5:00am Mar 28th, 2012

So, I spent most of my birthday weekend in California with my family and my golden retrievers, and when I finally get home from the airport today, I see this on my profile

Thank you so much, VD-DV. I squealed so hard when I saw it. :3 Link to DA which leads to his account, go follow him http://fav.me/d4u44d8

Kind of want to write a fic about this now... not making any promises, but I am considering it. Let's see what happens after the end of the season, when we know a bit more about Cadence.

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Comments ( 7 )

damn now i'm jealous oh and happy late b-day :) I like the picture alot

Good for you and happy (VERy happy) birthday to you~~

And out of nowhere, a wild boner appears

happy b day bro


It's no big deal. :P I've been busy, sorry.

I didn't post the words "Happy Birthday" yesterday? I thought I did!

Well: Happy Birthday! :pinkiehappy:

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