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  • 391 weeks
    Well then...

    I just realized that there's a 'gore' tag on Through a Glass Mirror but not Progress, despite the second one being a lot gorier.

    Also, I seem to have become way more popular than I would have ever expected. I don't know whether to thank you all, or question your taste in writing. Maybe both?

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  • 400 weeks
    New seaon premier (spoilers)

    So... Season four premier... yeah. And apologies for the mess that you are about to read.

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  • 413 weeks
    Contest! (and junk)

    I've decided to hold a contest that, while a little late, will basically proceeds as follows:

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  • 416 weeks
    Sequel is started!

    It would have been done yesterday, but it only went through on the third try...


    ...for twelve hours straight.

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  • 419 weeks
    News Regarding Sequels

    Due to various circumstances (meaning whatever it was that I felt like writing), the direct sequel to Through a Glass Mirror has been post-poned. I will still be posting it (eventually), but don't expect it anytime soon.

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Hey · 3:31pm Jun 6th, 2013

My avatar is a picture of my spirit animal, by the way.

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