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  • 451 weeks
    About my fan fics

    I am focusing on this one the most.

    If you guys can not deal with my writing style, send a pm complaining about it so I can over cast it. Do not post comments whining about it, they will be deleted on sight.

    If you really want to talk about it and give advice, PM me for real.

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  • 451 weeks
    Story Update

    Hello everyone.

    I havn't updated my stories recently due to the fact that I just got out of a performance, and I had exams also. I will be updating the following in this order for now on: The Moon and All Its Magic, The Sky and all its glory, repeat those 2, Begininng of music.

    Thank you.

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  • 453 weeks
    More updates

    Starting to write a new fanfic.


    This will work!

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  • 454 weeks

    Well, it seems like you guys have fallen in love with my stories I believe.

    Great to have you guys supporting me. I'll try to update both as frequent as I can!

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  • 454 weeks

    Hello fellow FIM Fiction users.

    I am SkypiDashie, or just Skypi for short. (Sky-pea)

    I'm also kind of random when it comes to writing fan fics. I tend to swing from one to another always. So, there will be constant updates as often as they can for all fan fics I will write. You can also talk to be on steam: skypi123 (Under Sweetie Belle(

    So, have a great time everyone!

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More updates · 4:41am Nov 24th, 2011

Starting to write a new fanfic.


This will work!

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