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  • 347 weeks
    An Evoker Update

    So this is the last blog post update I will make before I actually start posting the chapters that will begin the second arc. I have decided I won't tack anything on to the back of chapter eight, so there will be a chapter nine. However, it is coming along slowly, and after rereading one of the chapters I want to use for later, I realized that Evoker needs to meet the rest of the mane six, or

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  • 348 weeks
    Another Update

    As you might have noticed, I recently posted a new chapter. And anyone who is reading the story probably thinks it will be a while until the next chapter comes out. Which isn't exactly right. I have two of the next three chapters mostly written, the first and the third. The first was written recently, but the third I wrote back when I was first starting this story (along with a chapter I may

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  • 350 weeks
    Finals are over!

    So my finals are done. I feel really good about them, and I will definitely not be stressing over it. This also means my free time will skyrocket until my job starts up a week from Saturday. That said, I will do my best to try and write a chapter this weekend. Don't know if I'll write something I'm satisfied with or if it will be good, but I will try to have it out. And if not this weekend,

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  • 354 weeks
    So I just learned something amazing

    So I was on one of the many sites I go on and I discovered something interesting that made me do some digging. According to what I found, Doctor Who is doing a 50th anniversary special that will air on November 23 of this year. It will involve the tenth and eleventh Doctors, Rose, and current companion Clara 'Oswin' Oswald. This will quite possibly be the best thing produced by Doctor Who, and

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Awesome Thing on the Internet · 4:09am Jun 5th, 2013


That link is to a kickstarter to a game that is 600% funded. It is an online MMO trading card game. And it looks awesome. It looks like a combo between some good mmo's, a card game I play on my phone, and magic the gathering. I'm planning on donating (potentially as much as $120 or even $250) to get a bunch of the bonuses and an in on the beta. There's also the guaranteed name (because my name is so awesome I need a guarantee to get it) and guaranteed guild. And you don't need to pay to start it. Once it comes out, it gives you a free starter deck when you sign up as well as free cards through questing. 15 card packs are $2 each. Back to the guaranteed guild, if any of you want to join up, or if you spread the word and your followers join, we can have the first pony guild on it (Alliance of Harmony, or something. You guys come up with it). It will be on PC, Mac, and Tablets (since it hit a stretch goal). Anyway, give it a look and see it for yourself. Spread the word and prepare for a potentially awesome game that will change the face of trading card games.

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