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Jetstream S

Hey guys! I'm Jetstream, and only run on pure JP-7. What is JP-7 you ask? Ask Google. Google will know.

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  • 473 weeks
    Jetstream Fully Loaded (not a robot)

    See Image Here

    Well, here he is. Son of Soarin and Rainbow Dash... My OC! Tell me what you think...

    Original sketch by McSqueakers, color job by Ijab.

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  • 477 weeks
    The Rainbow Pigment: A few things...

    Hey guys, before I posted Chapter Two, I decided to improve upon Chapter One first and oh BOY is there is a lot of improvement needed! After three months, my writing skills have sharpened from a household butter knife into a chef's cleaver, and now I want to take said cleaver to this chapter. I'm more than certain you will enjoy the changes!

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  • 478 weeks
    To The Readers of The Rainbow Pigment...

    So I got to thinking. This story could go MANY different ways and it could be a very long adventure. So I want to know... Where should it go? Leave a comment and tell me what you think should happen!

    1 comments · 553 views
  • 479 weeks
    Next chapter...

    Hey guys, the next chapter of The Rainbow Pigment is coming a bit slower than expected. However I plan to make it at least 4k words. I'll try to make the chapters longer as the story progresses. About the slow progress, SORRY. I really am still alive!

    1 comments · 499 views
  • 483 weeks
    Skies Ablaze: The New Title

    Whats up followers and friends, When Worlds Collide is now Skies Ablaze... and the first part of a line of stories to come!

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Chapter Four · 11:05am Jun 4th, 2013

Chapter Four of When Worlds Collide "Contact" has been re-written, edited and re-posted! Tell your friends!

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