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    I've also tidied up the grammar a bit although there are probably still problems.

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On going plots · 10:13pm Jun 2nd, 2013

I thought I'd put together a list of the various stories I have / had planned to see what people think of the various ideas: -

Dr Who / Lunaverse - Time and Time again

I've written three out of 12 (maybe more as we might have two more doctors to play around with in a while) chapters and have some idea for almost all the others: -

2nd Doctor: Doctor, Jamie , (Daring Doo?, Shining Armour?, Twilight?). A base under siege story with a polar research station under siege by Windigo.

4th Doctor: Doctor, Leela, Rainbow Dash, Raindrops. Raindrops and Rainbow are on a weather team building exercise with a competition to catch a number of magical flying things (like snitches) one of which is the shard. Leela is a Gryphon and the Doctor an earth pony so he spends much of the story finding different ways to keep up with the rest of the team.

5th Doctor: Doctor, Nyssa and Tegan meet Luna in her Night vision disguise. The Doctor ends up having to play her at hoofball while Nyssa (who is a flutterpony) is being hunted by some Bounty Hunters as a prize.

7th Doctor. Doctor and Ace maybe Ditzy. A time traveling foe attempts to undo the Doctors attempts to collect the shards requiring the Doctor to return to his previous adventures to ensure they take place as he remembers them.

8th Doctor: Doctor and Izzy (A companion from the Dr Who magazine) meet Lyra and Bon Bon. The candy man (A villain from the Dr Who story the happiness patrol) arrives in Equestria and brainwashes Bon Bon into making him a new body while thinking that he's her foal.

9th Doctor: Doctor meets Celestia / Corona. Shortly after the doctor destroys the time lords he meets up with Celestia on the cusp of becoming Corona and the two discuss the things they've had to do and what history will think of them.

10th Doctor: Doctor and Martha? meet Scotaloo's mother. The Doctor tries to stop an assassination attempt on Luna.

11th Doctor: Not plotted yet.

Pinkie and Bluie

My primary entry for the June Lunaverse writing competition, my first attempt as romance. Pinkie Pie and Prince Blueblood met at the Gala and in the following days he find himself strangely infatuated with her. Can he manage to break up with her or is it true love?

As the old song went there must be at least fifty ways to leave your lover, he was sure he'd used at least that number himself, in fact there were probably over one thousand of them. 'It's not you, it's me', sleeping with her sister, not calling, declaring that your gay, faking your own death.

"Whatcha thinking about Bluey?" asked the Puffy Pink Pony currently reclining across his lap, "I know, let me guess, is to about whether the clouds look down at us and talk about what we remind them of?" she put on a deep voice, "'You see that pony down there, if you squint and turn your head it looks just like a cloud and that one looks like a cupcake' or is it whether cakes want to be eaten? 'Cause its probably not that fun to be eaten but if they didn't want to be eaten why would they taste so good? or is it whether the word succotash or guacamole is funnier or maybe succomole or guacatash?"

There had to be at least one thousand ways to leave her.

"Yes, Pinky that's exactly what I'm thinking about", said Prince Blueblood smiling down at her.

So why couldn't he bring himself to use any of them?

Corona's Birthday

My backup entry to the June Lunaverse writing competition will probably only see the light of day if Pinkie and Bluie gets written very quickly. A comedy with Pinkie Pie holding a birthday party for the Solar Tyrant Corona

The room was ablaze with light, it was normally lit but the dull glow from the lava below but this was different, now the light came from candles over a thousand of them, the heat was such as to remind her uncomfortably of her banishment, and below the candles a cake in the form of a stylised sun, Corona could not help but notice that it was similar to the symbol that adorned her royal flanks.

"You say that this thing is called a 'birthday cake'," asked the Tyrant Sun.

"Yeppers," replied her captive. She was entirely bound in stout chains so that only her head and some of her puffy pink mane remained visible although this did not seem to discombobulate her in the least. "See I was thinking in bed last night, you spent all that time on the sun and no one held a birthday party for you, not even one, and that made me sad, because birthday parties are my favourite type of party, apart from wedding parties and 'I haven't had a party for a few days parties' and all the other types of parties I really like. So I thought Pinky what sort of Party Pony are you if you permit such a preposterous party position to persist, so here I am"

Corona, the goddess of the sun, evil alicorn, ex-diarch of equestria and birthday filly, looked puzzled for a moment, then uttered three words which would scar the world for all eternity, "Tell me more."

Dinky's Birthday

A possible future challenge or non-cannon Lunaverse story showing Ditzy's attempt to come to terms with the fact that her little muffin is growing up and may not need her as much any more.

Pokey's holiday

A future Lunaverse challenge story. A comedy based on Trixie's attempt to do her own job while Pokey is on holiday, sort of a prequel to A Tale of Two Assistants.

Vote for Carrot Top

Only exists as a barebones idea for a cannon (possible) Lunaverse story. It's election time in Ponyville and Carrot Top has been 'persuaded' to run in order to counter a Apple Trust supported candidate (probably Braeburn) with Trixie as her campaign manager how can she loose?

Pointy loves Trixie

The very first idea for a fanfiction I had a story of the growing romance between Trixie and Pokey interwoven with all the Lunaverse stories so far, probably in a format stolen from TheLastBrunnenG writer if the Rustic and the Romantic, Luna's librarian, Twilight's moon, Egghead and featherbrain and various other excellent romances. However, it's never really grown from that first line, probably because I don't really know how to write a romance and haven't really thought beyond 'I think Trixie and Pokey would make a cute couple'. Very much on the backburner and unlikely to ever be written.

My current plan for the rest of the year is to try and write for each monthly Lunaverse challenge for the first half of the month and to write a Dr Who chapter for the second half. I think I'm going to fall down at some point but here's hopeing.

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