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    Mood Wings Art

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    Because MLP blooper reels are too awesome not to share.

    :rainbowlaugh: It's gold. All solid gold.

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    Your wildest, "I'll never write it!" ideas?

    So in the various chat channels I'm in, people often talk about their various headcanons for things - which often make great backstories, or just plain stories or settings for various fics - but for one reason or another, they won't write them.

    I myself had some earlier, which I have managed to implement in a fic (Dash being a hieress to the Häagen Dash ice cream fortune), but not as the driving part of the story. Merely a fun little backstory thing.

    My question to you all:

    What is the wildest fic idea you've had, that you're almost sure you're never gonna get around to because it's too crazy, you don't have time, or any other reason you can think of? Something you'd like to do, but won't.

    Don't just throw random things out there just to try to find the 'craziest idea ever'. Tell me what you've thought of, and have written down notes for somewhere, but never actually did anything about. Who knows, maybe you might find someone here who wants to see it - or who'd like to write it instead?

    edit: oh, now I remember one idea I had.

    The bearers are connected by the Elements - in more ways than one. This includes life force. Unicorns might live longer than pegasi by some decades - but because of the elements, that life force gets extended a lot. So they continue to live their lives, until they one day all meet up one last time - to chat, reminisce and so on. Finally, one by one, they fall asleep - until there's only one still awake (mostly likely Twilight). She eventually slip away too.

    Once this happens, they all start glowing - then dissolve into balls of light, which shoot up into the air together, then fly off in different directions.

    Think of the dragonballs once the wish is used.

    The points of light scatter and go to random places in Equestria - specifically, hospitals or homes - where a new foal is born. One of them probably heading back to Ponyville.

    Celestia knew this was coming, watches the lights from Canterlot with Luna, and chat about the past and the future.

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    Apple Thief!

    See, this is infinitely better than Double Rainboom ever was. Better animation, and a short and simple story, which still managed to be funny!

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    AppleDash Contest #4 Results!

    We had a hard time narrowing down the winners this time around. Give yourselves all a pat on the back for a truly cutthroat competition! :ajsmug:

    First off, I'd like to thank you all for the massive turnout—you all smashed right through the number of entries of previous contests with a whopping 20 entries! Unfortunately, we did have to disqualify two of the entries, but that still leaves 18. In case you missed any, here's the full list:

    An Article on Unconventional Romance

    A Family Holiday


    From Equestria and Beyond


    The Legend of Private Apple Applefly

    Lost Time

    Of Conversations and Pairing Stones

    Of Friends, Marefriends, and Love

    The One Week Year

    Only in Manehattan

    Pristine Sky

    The Problem With Jewelry

    A Second Chance in Summer

    Stuck In A Ship

    Taking a Chance in Cloudsdale

    Trying Again

    Under the Hat

    Now, without further ado, the results!

    We had two runners up this time:

    The One Week Year by HapHazred!


    Pristine Sky by Mister Friendly!

    in third place, winner of the $50 prize, is:

    Flapjacks by Baal Bunny!

    In second place, winner of the $100 prize, we have:

    A Second Chance in Summer by Idsertian!

    Finally, last, but most certainly not least, the winner of the $250 first prize is...





    Lost Time by bookplayer!

    Congratulations! :yay:

    Krazythefox will be in contact with the winners soon to organize prizes. Once again, thank you all for taking part in this contest. We hope you'll consider joining us for the next one, which may be sooner than you think.

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    So, what's going on.

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    AppleDash Contest #4 - Closed!

    The contest is now closed!

    Judges will now get organized and begin reading entries. This might take a while, as there were a lot of you participating this time around. Most entries in any AppleDash contest, I think!

    I expect us to be done in one to two weeks, so look for results around then!

    If you still have a question, feel free to PM the judges.

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    AppleDash Contest #4 - Deadline Reminder!

    You now have two weeks left until the deadline! Keep that writing going, put on those finishing touches, do whatever is necessary!

    BUT GET ME THOSE FICS DANGIT! :flutterrage:



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    Possibly my favorite feathermarking pic of all!

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    AppleDash Contest #4 - Extra Extension!

    Hi guys!

    We had a bit of a ponder and realized that the deadline for the AppleDash Contest being so close to both Xmas and New years would be a strain, since people would be celebrating regardless. So on top of the 24 hour extension we already gave, we're adding an extra two weeks.

    Instead of Saturday, Jan. 2nd, you have until Saturday Jan. 16th.

    We will not be extending more than that.

    Enjoy! And make good use of it!

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    Fic idea based on finale.

    So, after that, I had a bit of a think, and got an idea for a fic based on the finale - though it diverges from it at some point, obviously. Pretty basic idea/thoughts though.

    Starlight never seemed to have gone back to the present. In here, she would, after she defeats Twi or Twi gives up or something. But when she returns, it's the terrible futures Twi saw. She escapes back to that point in time she'd been to often (rainboom), each time doing something a little different to distract Dash and co. After all, she still wants to deny Twi's future. But each time she goes back, the futures still happen.

    She eventually makes the connection that twi and co stopped those other events. She wonders why in some futures, NMM or someone else is missing - finds out that, at some point, a different group of ponies stops the big bads that aren't shown in that timeline. This frustrates her, rolling her eyes at the coincidence. Something like 'Pfft. So Twilight is replaceable. Whatever." Those groups never end up as important as the m6 though, hence failing at future threats.

    She sees that happen each time until that final future. She doesn't know what happens with that one as it's completely new - but skips back in time until she finds out. She goes there repeatedly, trying to find/see where that group of friends is that'll stop that cataclysm from happening.

    But it never does.

    She loops again and takes it upon herself to stop that event - looping several times as her attempts fail, until she lets random ponies help her - forging a friendship along the way.

    And once that big bad is stopped, it hits her - friendship really did save the day, as it always has. She realizes Twilight's friendship was indeed that important.

    Then goes back one final time to put things right again.

    Not gonna be writing this, but if someone wants a crack at it, be my guest!

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    AppleDash Contest #4 - A Little Twist of Lemon

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    An AppleDash Daily blog!

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    Friend's story idea to give away!


    Been a while, I know. Still in a very 'meh' stage about writing. I have most of ch9 of JACOP outlined, I poked at the first scene (700 words woo?), but not much other progress has been made. I definitely want to finish the story and start another I have in mind, but once I sit down and write... meh.

    I should read bats' blog about procrastination. That's probably half the trouble right there.

    Onto the main subject of this blog post, though. One of my friends and editors has come up with a setting for an AU MLP fic, and I found it quite intriguing. He's stated he has no time to develop it further, though, so he wants to put it up for a good home (and since I have... probably about 1600 more followers than he does, it would work better here.)

    It's  not fully developed, and it doesn't quite have a 'goal' just yet, but it's crafted a setting/world that could be quite intriguing. Here's what he has:

    Nightmare Moon returns to Equestria, appearing in the midst of the Summer Sun ceremony in Canterlot (that being where she detects Celestia) - and finds a crowd of ponies who immediately bow to her. "Your Highness. I am Guardspony Applejack. Your sister awaits you at the castle. Come quickly, please; there isn't much time."

    She is taken to Celestia's quarters and invited in by a young purple unicorn - where she finds her sister looking ancient and clearly dying. Celestia greets her with relief and explains:

    Some 60 years earlier, Discord broke free of his stone prison. With no Elements or Bearers, Celestia was forced to fight him at full power - which, incidentally, is where the other half of Canterlot Mountain went - and, once he was down, she had only one way of disposing of him: she sent him to the sun. Not being mystically connected to it, he was utterly destroyed. But his death released the chaotic energies that made him up, and they didn't exactly /corrupt/, but rather /disrupted/ the energies of the sun. Those same energies which powered Celestia's goddesshood.

    After the battle, she was healthy enough, though she never recovered the power she expended in it, but since then she has not been immune to the ravages of time and disease. She now looks as old as Granny Apple, but frail and decrepit rather than spry. And now, with Nightmare/Luna's return cutting her off from the trickle of power she had managed to steal from the Moon, she is fading fast.

    [Assorted touching stuff happens: Celestia says goodbye to Twilight and instructs her to help and obey her sister. Celestia raises the sun one last time, aided by Twi - who then passes out, bleeding from the base of the horn, having channelled far more magic than any /unicorn/ should. Celestia tells Nightmare/Luna that all has been prepared for her to take the reins, and begs her to take care of her little ponies - after all, no need for eternal night when the day belongs to her too, right? Celestia hands over control of the sun, then dies. Nightmare/Luna boggles as she realizes she just won and got exactly what she wanted and she has no idea what to do with it and is finding it doesn't feel nearly as good as she'd thought.]

    * Twi is Celestia's protege and de-facto heir presumptive. At a young age, she was identified as a potential magical prodigy and put in an intensive training program intended to produce unicorns who could help the fading princess do her duty, or, in the worst case, take over entirely. She excelled, got put in successively more advanced programs, and eventually became Celestia's aide. She got her cutie mark when, in the middle of raising the sun one day, Celestia found she couldn't gather enough magic, and Twi stepped up to make up the lack; the mark is the same star of magic, but in the background are a small sun and moon instead of stars. As a result, Spike doesn't exist, since the events leading to his hatching never happened.

    * Applejack and Rainbow Dash are both in the guards. RD is a messenger and scout, while AJ is assigned to the palace - for too long Equestria's defence policy has been 'We have an alicorn and you don't', so with Celestia's failing health most of the pegasi and unicorn guards have been deployed to the borders to keep them from getting Ideas.

    * Rarity and Fluttershy are in Ponyville, largely unchanged

    * No idea about Pinkie Pie.

    * Cadence does exist and is an alicorn, but she can't help with the sun or moon. While, as an alicorn, she has more raw magical power than Twi, she doesn't have Twi's genius talent with it, nor the thousands of years of experience that let Celestia and Luna take over for each other.

    I quite like the idea, and I'd love to see someone with good writing chops to write it up.

    (also, he does ship AppleDash, so there's probably some fraternization amongst the Guard ranks there ;D)

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    Let's see if we can sneak ponies onto imgur's front page...

    They're usually pretty anti-ponies. I'ma try to ride the wave after the SCOTUS decision.

    Go upvote! :scootangel:

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    Just had to screenshot it while it lasts!

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    DM29's poll!

    Vote for appledash, my appledash minions! Go go!

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What's wrong, Dash?

I'm jealous!

Jealous? O' what?

All those other contests! Like those twidash ones.

Yer in them, sugarcube.

Y'just want more screen time, don'tcha?



Hey! No!

Uh huh.

Seriously! They're nice but they don't have you in it.

Aw, that's sweet of ya.

Oh! Idea!

Let's get a contest of our own going!

Didn't we already have one?

That was months ago! This is different!

Really? How?

Well, I always seem to be chasing your (awesome) flank. This time, you'll be chasing mine!

Wait, what?


Noticing a trend was one reason for the first AppleDash contest - the overuse of certain tropes like broken wings, fillyfooling being frowned upon, and so on in fics with our beloved pairing. And a trend is also the reason for this contest:

In most AppleDash fics, Dash seems to be the one to chase after AJ - to make the first step, or the confession, or the first to develop feelings for our farmer gal. Very rarely do we ever see the other way around - AJ as the "chaser" in the relationship.

That, my friends, will be the topic of the contest. Write a fic, of 5k words at least, with AJ being the one after Dash, for once.

The rest of the rules are found in the thread on the AppleDash forums.

Report Tchernobog · 849 views ·
#1 · 199w, 2d ago · · ·

I think that I'm going to have to try this one.

#2 · 199w, 2d ago · · ·

That was an awesome image skit! I loved it. :rainbowkiss:

Huh. I always liked filly-fooling as frowned upon in stories, tough I don't like the term. Why doesn't anypony ever use 'lesbianism'? It has no human aspects in the word whatsoever, and filly-fooling sounds like pedophillia. In any case I always thought the fear of being socially ostracized over homosexuality was realistic in a story because homophobia (actually, it's more like homo-hatred) rampant in real life, at least from what I've seen.   It's always bothered me when stories act like it's so widely accepted as normal in Equestria that no one even goes 'wait, what?' about it.

Not even just talking about homophobia (...again, rather use the term 'homohatred'. Bigots don't seem 'afraid' to me, they just seem stupid and cruel and bullyish), but just learning anything about somepony else that they didn't know before (like for instance, maybe Rainbow Dash like's...CLASSICAL MUSIC!!!!), would make someone pause for a moment rather than not even skipping a beat. But it's your contest.

But as annoying as it could be that some things are jut used over, and over, and over, I think something like homosexuality not being treated as if everypony is automatically bisexual in Equestria anyway, is just something to be expected rather than something that could be considered a cliche.

Dash having broken wings...I don't understand why that's bashed so much. Sure, it's bad if an entire plot premise is based around 'omg Rainbow Dash's wings are broken....and that's the whole story!' since it's done a lot. And it's terrible if it's used as a means of guilt-tripping Applejack into dating her. But if someone's doing an action/adventure, or a thriller, injuries happen and wings aren't invulnerable. If these were human fics instead of ponies, and one of the character's often ended up with broken hands, arms, and legs...would we really bat an eye?

Good luck to all the people that enter submissions to the contest. I look forward to reading a crap load of Appledash :P

#3 · 199w, 2d ago · · ·


"Why doesn't anypony ever use 'lesbianism'?"

Because having a famous homosexual erotic poetess hailing from the island of Lesbos would be too much of a stretch? That is where the term came from, as far as I know. Plus, we seem to prefer cutesy-sounding terms when dealing with ponies. I can't imagine why. *cough* cutie mark *cough*

#4 · 199w, 2d ago · · ·


When you take in the obvious difference in gender population in equestria (like 80% mares, it looks like), it's more understandable if the population doesn't bat an eye, really. But for fics, it's just a well-overused theme/concept. Been done to death, so seeing something new is welcome. Same thing with dash-broken-wing. Her breaking it, not being able to fly anymore, being depressed, etc etc, is an overused trope as well.

If, as you say, the fics don't REVOLVE around that, and it's just an event that happened, then of course that works. It's just too often used as the focus.

As I said, I'll read them despite those tropes but it would take something special to really stand out.:ajsmug:

#5 · 199w, 2d ago · · ·

I never really thought of the population of Equestria as mostly female. I mean, I know that's almost about all you see in the show, but that's always come across as a plot focus thing rather than being actually representative of Equestria. If there were really as few males as the show depicts, then Ponies would be extinct after about eighty years to a hundred years. It wouldn't survive the lifespan of the youngest pony.

Well, unless, ...unicorns. And I'm going to erase the thoughts that unvokes out of my mind as quickly as possible. Anypony got some brain bleach?

Or maybe ponies are actually genderless! Seriously, Rainbow Dash acts like my little brother. I sometimes (not often, but sometimes) catch myself forgetting that she's female. :rainbowhuh:(hide most of her mane, the eyelashes and have the eyes a bit too open for that eyeshadow to show up, and she can very well be a light blue boy with rainbow hair)

Well I get ya on 'story shouldn't revolve around it' thing. Not that I particularly WANT to see a psycho brutally take a hammer to pretty much every bone in Rainbow Dash's wings. :pinkiecrazy:

I'd rather see Applejack Rainbowdash...quite vigorously. Like...brush her teeth!

I'm kidding.

#6 · 199w, 2d ago · · ·

I follow you just for little skits like that :rainbowkiss:

#7 · 199w, 2d ago · · ·


They're so much fun to do! :pinkiehappy:

#9 · 199w, 2d ago · · ·


That is part of the reason why I wanted this contest - and if you notice, me and steel resolve gave the idea to jondor in the first place ;)

#11 · 199w, 2d ago · · ·


Hey, brushing her teeth is no joke.

On a slightly more serious note, I find the inclusion of rampant homophobia in pony fanfiction to be rather strange. When you're writing stories about magic talking ponies, no matter how close you stick to canon, you're going to have to introduce elements (like lesbianism) that aren't demonstrated in the show. The key, in my opinion, to properly handling the new elements is to maintain internal consistency.

In any case I always thought the fear of being socially ostracized over homosexuality was realistic in a story because homophobia (actually, it's more like homo-hatred) rampant in real life, at least from what I've seen.

My point here is that if you are hewing close to the canon and spirit of the show itself, you have to build off that world; basing character reactions on real world examples should be secondary to this. As noted by Jake Roberts in his blog post and CrowMagnon in "Granny Disapproves", the standard sources of real world homophobia don't translate well into an Equestrian setting.

To demonstrate, take Celestia. In canon, she has demonstrated noth9ing but patience, understanding, and good humor. Now, we don't get too deep of a look at her character, but working with what we have I find it highly unlikely that she's homophobic. If, as I find likely, the immortal ruler and goddess of the country is opposed to bigotry, any sort of systematic oppression of gays becomes unlikely. It's certainly hard from any religious perspective to find a reason to oppose homosexuality if the deity can hop on over at a moment's notice to correct you.

Now, what would it mean to lack a cohesive homophobic effort? Homosexuality is demonstrably natural. The deity/ruler is (based on reasonable assumptions) supportive of it. The only things left to cause opposition to homosexuality are pragmatism (offspring are helpful for continuing family lines; they're also cheap labor), scarcity (if it isn't as common as heterosexuality, ponies might not like what isn't as common (this is of course based on the assumption that most of Equestria has a logical male/female ratio and that Ponyville isn't demonstrative of the whole)), and whatever miscellaneous reasons individuals have. With all that, I find widespread homophobia unlikely. Random assholes? Sure. Maybe some ponies would be surprised if a friend of theirs came out, but hateful? Tolerance and love in Equestria are serious business. Friendship is literally magic and all that jazz.

These are, of course, my opinions, but I feel like they are based in the most reasonable interpretation of the world as seen in the the show.

#12 · 199w, 2d ago · · ·

This is... a really great idea for a fic. Shoot, now I'm gonna have to write more AppleDash.

Darn you.

#13 · 199w, 2d ago · · ·


:trollestia: Everything is going according to plan...

#14 · 199w, 2d ago · · ·

I've been looking for an excuse to write an appledash fic. Okay I'm definitely interested now.

#16 · 199w, 2d ago · · ·

>>1110541 First you write FlutterPie, now you're writing RariLight, and then you want to write AppleDash? Stop being awesome except don't cause it's more fun for me that way.

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