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  • 485 weeks
    The wait...

    I would just like to apologize to anyone waiting for the next chapter of "An Autumn Romance". My editor has had it for a while and has yet to send it back. We missed one deadline, and unless I get it tonight so I can check it over, that chapter will have to wait for after the summer. I'm going to be heading off for the summer, and I hope everything goes well with all of you. Anyway, I was hoping

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  • 489 weeks
    A Bit Of Squee!

    So, my most recent chapter went up an hour or so ago, and for a little while An Autumn Romance was in the Featured Story bar! My dreams have come true (well, maybe not, but it's awesome)! I really want to say thanks to you ponies for reading what I've done. I'll keep going, as long as I'm here. So, new chapter most likely before June 23rd, and have a wonderful day everypony

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    Entering the contest!

    Alright, first off I would like to know if anypony actually reads this, or it's just me talking to myself. If you read it, please comment. Thanks! Ok, now onto what I was going to say. I have been working on chapter 9. I am trying to make it as good as I can possibly can. The biggest issue is my musical practice. I am currently involved in a production of Beauty and the Beast, and I have

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  • 508 weeks
    Story Update and Story Updates

    Hello, anypony who will read this! I wanted to just say a bit about what's currently happening with An Autumn Romance. The newest chapter, chapter 8, is approximately half-way done and I'm doing my best to finish it. Exams start next Thursday, finish the Tuesday after, and then I will be able to finish it quite quickly.

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  • 515 weeks
    Ponysquare, anypony?

    I just signed up for ponysquare! If you want to find me, just search for skwoogle and I will be sure to add you. Chapter 5 should come out tonight reeeallly late or tomorrow morning. If anyone has a preference, just send me a message!

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How To Write...FOR DUMMIES (Otherwise Known As Me) · 2:17am Nov 23rd, 2011

I was bored, and had no real ideas for the fic, so here are some tips I have discovered that I wish I knew earlier.

1. Always be able to write down any ideas necessary. (Ideas come in the strangest places. For example, today while practicing for the play I'm in, I had the perfect idea for the next chapter. Without my iPod, I wouldn't have been able to record the lines I wanted to include into the story.)
2. Always write down any ideas. (If I have an idea, I need to record it. If I don't, I can forget it entirely. If I remember I won't record it correctly. I need to either wait for more inspiration, or put out something that I am not happy with putting out.)
3. Write what you want. (Whatever comes to my mind that I feel happy with writing, I put it down. I write what story I want to, and write it the way I want. I don't follow what others want. I do accept suggestions and tips, but only so far as to get ideas.)
4. Have fun with it. (Pretty self explanatory.)

Hope someone likes this, or even uses it! Write for the fun of writing, not because you must. Oh, and the next chapter of An Autumn Romance may be out a few days later than usual, as I have many projects due this week. A new chapter will be out by the end of Friday, and another chapter will be put out this weekend. Thanks for reading!

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