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Bronio Kröger

To be a Brony, one has to die to everyday life.

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  • 541 weeks
    One final delay

    Okay, a family illness, two work trips, a wedding, a move, and a career change out of the way! I start the new job in mid August and that should give me a week or so of sitting around and working on long neglected projects. Like this. And Diablo III.

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  • 551 weeks
    Self-promotion and another delay

    Okay, looks like May will become more like June as I've been travelling and taking care of a lot of stuff.

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  • 555 weeks

    No updates till May - got a bunch of events to attend and a lot of work to do.

    On the plus side, the stories have their arcs outlined so I know exactly where I will have left off.

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  • 558 weeks
    Fun Fact

    In South Asia, Rainbow Dash is called Bangla Dash.

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Fun Fact · 2:13am Mar 26th, 2012

In South Asia, Rainbow Dash is called Bangla Dash.

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I did not know that.

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