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haha rainbow machine go brrr

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A little teaser for the die-hard fans... · 8:11pm Mar 25th, 2012

“You should be able to tell me what’s in here, Hide.”

“A Class II Pegasus Device, Second Edition, serial number eight eight alpha tango-”

“Good, good. What’s it doing, Hide?”

“It’s currently in operation, working at a core temperature of seventy degrees celsius, currently breaking down input resources at an efficiency ratio of three units of spectra per unit of livestock.”

“Cut the technical jargon, Hide.”

“It’s making Rainbows.”

“Exactly, Hide! But since you’re clearly avoiding the subject, allow me to describe to you what the machine is doing. Good timing, as well, it’s just finished with its last failure.” Dash cleared her throat and watched the scene in front of her. After a moment she whispered to the stallion next to her.

“The process starts as most factory productions go. A unit of raw resources are placed onto a feed that leads into the machine.”

Two large stallions, their muscled bodies threatening to tear out of the suits adorning themselves, hoisted a small blue colt onto a conveyor belt. The colt was shaken, its hooves bent and tied at painful angles behind his back. He was forced to stare at the device in front of him, unable to turn his head any more than a degree from his fate.

“The machine loads the raw resources into its primary processing segment, breaking the raw materials down into workable sizes.”

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Comments ( 10 )

Interesting! Very interesting.

I smell a prequel :rainbowkiss:

....and it smells very good

oooh a prequel I cant wait

Pre-pre-pre-prequel I smell :yay:

I would love to see another installment of some sorts of Factory,That would be something quite interesting.

Can't wait :3


THIS. I love a good prequel :3

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