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Chad Rocco, Round III · 8:40pm May 20th, 2013


Read it, don't read it, I don't care. I'm unemployed, my antidepressants don't do jack, and I just went through some long, painful dental work and can't eat a damn thing, so forgive me if I don't bother to do this again.

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Comments ( 52 )

I know that dental work related pain, man. I got my braces taken out a few months ago, and it hurt like a bitch for like, 2 weeks.


Ok, beyond...you know what? Flip it.

When you say you are done, then be freakin done! You could have ignored the question, you could have said I dont like her...but no. You stick around like that annoying gnat that wants to annoy those of us who dont stick around a fanfiction site, insult fanfiction, dont fave a SINGLE THING, and then whine "I don't know why I bother". I think the only reason why he came here is just to see how he is doing. You know what...just flip it.

I have a fanfic of mine read, I write alot. I have done more than he has in an entire six months. Hey, how about instead of complaining how about you get off your high horse and do some work. Hey I know, lets make a pretty dang good Trixie fanfic (Oddparents) but forget about it...why? Because I am busy? HA!

I want to dicount each of his points, I want to break down his arguments one by one. But you know what? I dont want to waste the internet space. I dont want to waste anyones time. And wait.

"You know they're going to do a Rarity episode"



Did he just insult Rarity?

Did he just insult several of my fave eps?

Ohhhhhhh... You know what...my fanfic just got popular...I am too good in a freakin mood to do this. Go and read Fallout Equestria CR. You'll have a better time. No wait. I dont want your stench in another thing I like. Go and read a Mykan fic...you have similar taste.

And for your own sake man...get off his Tumblr, Deviantart, and Twitter before you end up losing everything.

I share your dental related pain. For I have recovered recently from the severe pain I was under. I had two large abcesses that had to be cleared out, over the course of two months, so I sympathise with you and wish you a most speedy recovery.

Sorry to hear you're doing badly again. As said before, Maru makes me feel better. Hopefully, a similar effect for you.

As to unemployment, well, I have a job, but it's minimum wage with no future, and incredibly soul destroying (not to mention a waste of my long and expensive education). I'm not sure if this is any better, so I'll commiserate with you on that one.

As to MM, I will say that she seems to be one of the more uninspired writers. She can crank out okay children's material, but the writing in FiM was much more tight and well developed than just "okay", once upon a time. Her style also seems to be the general direction everything about the show is headed (except the music - I don't think that has slipped very much).

I think it may be about time for me to bail on the official canon.


Ok, will someone explain to me how the following

Sleepless in Ponyville

Wonderbolts Academy,

Too many Pinkies (Ok, I am trying to figure out what is the roblem, she want to be there for every pony)

Just for Sidekicks (Hey, Spike wants jewles for his cake...it must mean he's greedy!)

BAd Seed

Apple family reunion (oh no, AJ wants to make things perfect!)

Were fanfics or toy commercials?


NONE OF those were written by Megan! So he was complaining about episodes not even written by her. Wait...where are her season one eps?

So, uhhhhhhhhhh, huh?


You assume people who complain are required to make sense and think their arguments through.


Well, when I complain...I do. I at least bring evidence, examples, research and explain in a coherent manner. I guess I am expecting him to be more like Linkara than this. At least Linkara would actually back things up or just leave a simple answer then leave. Spoony would at least troll, this isnt creative, this...is just sad.

I just, I guess I am more upset that he is still here. He is still complaining despite the fact that he said he was leaving. If he is going to go, then he should go, ignore the question and go away.

Wow... I... don't care about this anymore... at all. I've seen worse. I'm not mad, because it's his own way of showing his opinion. He just doesn't like it anymore, and there's really no point in saying he's stupid or anything.

Okay, that's going too far.

And I know he just said he's leaving, and I don't care! Again! People are like that. I know I probably said things that sound stupid as well. Also, what about the other things he may talk about? Just because he's "stupid" in one thing doesn't mean he is in another.



Right. again. I am just...bewildered and mad.

Want to go play some Arkham City later instead?

Hmm. After reading through the last few pages of the blog, I have to say... I don't think that man is very healthy. When something pisses you off, but doesn't really affect you in any way, you should just abandon ship and leave it be. I know bitching about stuff online is basically his job, but he needs a new one.

Sad to see him come to this. I wouldn't have started watching MLP without CR's endorsement; it kinda bothers me to see him acting like such an immature dick.

:pinkiesad2: ... I do forgive you. No matter how many times your internal strife causes you to make mistakes, I won't turn on you. I've said a lot of stupid things myself, and I know what it's like to want to just take it all back. :fluttershyouch:

But now I have to exhort this to you: please stop reacting so terribly to other people. I know that it's hard because of your circumstances, but you're throwing your stones as well as theirs - you hurt yourself every time you do this. :fluttercry:

I can't find any more words to say, but I do have this song to show you, and every word is true. I know this because I've been given forgiveness too.


♪'Cause we all make mistakes sometimes♪
♫And we've all stepped across that line♫
♪But nothing's sweeter than the day we find♪
♫Forgiveness, forgiveness♫
♪And we all stumble and we fall♪
♫Bridges burn in the heat of it all♫
♪But nothing's sweeter than the day♪
♫sweeter than the day we call♫
♪out for forgiveness♪

Lyrics were copied from AZLyrics.

Man, just avoid the stuff that pisses you off, if it's possible. If I see a blog or video going in a direction that I know's gonna piss me off, I make a speedy exit.

The internet, and by extension, fandom, is supposed to be fun distractions from the things that bother you in reality, not add to them. I'm sorry this guy has such an abrasive way of expressing himself, frankly it always bums me out to see people rip so violently on something I enjoy, too.


*Slow clap* everything he just said...I agree with. so come on... who wants some soda and ice cream, on me!

If you're a brony and you still "look up" to CR when it comes to the show, I think now is the time to sever those ties with him.

The guy has been hovering around /mlp/ levels of hatred (that is: almost completely unable to listen to reason from other fans) ever since the end of the second season, until it finally popped a few months ago and he has been pretty damn toxic ever since.

If he's not willing to give S4 a chance AT ALL, then fine. It's his loss.

I appreciate your agreement but do feel obligated to say that I'm a girl. Sorry.
And ice cream and sodas sound like a great plan to me!


I'm sorry. I was supposed to be getting better too. How do I screw up like this? :fluttershysad:


OOOOPS! Sorry about that :twilightblush: I didnt really know, this is the first time I have seen you around. sorry

*offers a cookie

have a milkshake, best thing about extensive dental work. Had 8 teeth pulled in middle school got so much ice cream i was sick of it, but man that was a great week


The truth is, we all screw up; we're only human after all. All of us are lost, broken, and in great need.

But there is a solution. You see, I used to contemplate suicide because my circumstances were so horrible. :fluttershbad: One day, my Hero stepped in at just the right time - even though I never asked for Him - and turned my life around. He can be your Hero too, and someday, we can walk together into His city.


I'm lost. Are you annoyed with CR for his opinion? Because I don't know about everyone else but I quit listening to CR with regards to MLP a while ago.


I can say only one thing in response of that statement...


Everything you said, I agree with it wholeheartedly.:yay:

Ignore him, if he isn't going to give season 4 a chance, his loss, we can't let others opinions control our lives and what we like, we have to live being true to ourselves.:rainbowdetermined2:

Oh, no, it's fine. Easy mistake to make over the internet.
*takes cookie* Aw yiss chocolate chip!!

1093722 I'm going to second this, after a fashion. The worst thing for a depressed individual, in my opinion, is free time. You need to fill it with something that enriches you.

For PJ, it seems to be religion. If that works for you, it is a good cure; faith and devotion are some of the best medicines for a hurt mind and spirit (no, I'm not going to argue religion, so no one bug me about extremists). For me, it was spiritual philosophy. For a close friend of mine, it was volunteer work.

IAH, if you want the advice of a random idiot on the internet, I'll tell you this; go clean up a park, or read to sick children, or play chess with the elderly. Even for only a few hours a day; it will make you feel better. And yes, do as others have said. Cut out the negative elements in your life; if they hurt you, they're not worth keeping around.

I really don't want to sound like I'm nagging, or rambling, so I'll leave it here. Good luck, we're here for you.

I get that he's trying to make an argument here, but maybe this show just isn't for him then. It's like asking why Link doesn't go around with a gun shooting bad guys in the Legend of Zelda games if it makes his life easier, right?

I'm in the Ed Wood camp of entertainment, where if you enjoy making something and some people don't enjoy it, then maybe it's a problem of perspective over quality of work. Even the worst movie I've ever saw, The Last Airbender, didn't jump off the screen and kick me in the nads, it just kinda bored me and made me sad that this might be the last thing we saw of that universe, which thank god it wasn't.

What I'm trying to say is that if you are not enjoying yourself with their work, you do not have to be there (or here on FF) right now, and if they are not enjoying themselves with your work, then they don't have to be here or there right now.

Clearly I've been ninja'd by other people who have said other things, but the point still stands. We make this stuff, we can put it in the corner if it doesn't entertain us anymore. We are not babysitting our media.



Religion is not the answer for anything; it is the problem behind almost everything.

Religion can only give a person pride or condemnation, and both solve absolutely nothing.

The true solution is Jesus. Only through Him can we be given the grace to break free from the damning power and heavy guilt of sin. Only by looking to Him can we find the true joy to live another day.

Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through Him Who ate with thieves and traitors; Who let a notoriously sinful woman walk up to Him and kiss His feet; Who prophesied His own death, burial, resurrection, and was not proven a liar to this day; Who is alive and is making quite a display out of me.

freaking out,
-Psyco Josho

IAH, are you going to be okay? You obviously had a rough week.:pinkiesad2:

1093846 ... as said, I won't debate religion, or extremists. I will just say that I distinguish between the institutions and the faiths behind them (and, yes, I have very little good to say about institutionalized religion). No more invectives, if you please.

Here, I made a blog post about it so you don't have to. Now people can read my uneducated and poorly researched opinion and you don't have to stress yourself out with things like meticulously judging and coming up intelligent responses to it. YAY



Sorry. I've been learning more about how religion is Jesus' true enemy, not sinners. I get angry whenever I see or hear the word "religion" now. :twilightsheepish:

I kinda agree and disagree with him at the same time. :applejackunsure:


You, you are one of... them... The people who get mad and insult without proper backing/because you are angry someone disliked something you liked...


"You stick around like that annoying gnat that wants to annoy those of us who dont stick around a fanfiction site, insult fanfiction, dont fave a SINGLE THING,"

In saying whatshername was writing "fanfiction" probably referred not to the writing being inherently bad, but instead that it was unprofessional.

EG: Fanfiction tends to be self insert or "plain" stories with fairly straightforward character development. Does that mean fanfiction is bad? No, it just means it is fanfiction.

if you hate the guy so much, in calling him an "annoying gnat" you can easily just not read the blog posts. I don't know of a single other user who does reviews like this, and in the end it is better to point out flaws than it is to uselessly praise things. Just because you disagree does not mean OP is wrong.

dont fave a single thing? hmm, is OP obligated to favorite things? angry your "popular story" (i'm puking just thinking that people will self proclaim their stories as popular like that) wasn't Favorited?

"I want to dicount each of his points, I want to break down his arguments one by one. But you know what? I dont want to waste the internet space. I dont want to waste anyones time. And wait."

No, I am fairly sure it's because your refutes are weak and your points are weaker, not because you want to waste the time.

"Did he just insult Rarity?"

Um... No, he insulted the lack of Rarity in S3, the exact opposite of insulting Rarity.

"Did he just insult several of my fave eps?"

Do you see how butthurt and obsessive you are being? Does it matter if it is your favorite episode?


*looks* yeah...I was being an idoit. OH well...only thing to do is to forget it and move on. This is why I should never type out in anger and actually think through my responses first.


You wouldn't be the first person in this comments section to do that. :ajsleepy:


Yeah, but I dont normally let anger get the best of me. I usually zen out before I lose my temper. I just had some pent up rage and I let out in the worst way possible. I should've done it differently.

Oh well. Just forget and move on I say. As I said, rather just go and read something else.

Oh and to


Thanks for reminding me to be the better man. Thanks for clueing me back in.


No worries, I myself thought I was being a bit harsh also, but oh well.

I liked season 3.

And that's all I have to say about that.

This makes HOW many times he's declared the show ruined forever and declared he was walking out?

I think a couple of the 'easy fixes' he presented could have worked pretty well, for instance the reason Pinkie wanted to be cloned, but for the most part that was just a list of things to bitch about :/

1098424 I think the reason I liked "Too Many Pinkie Pies" is because she did what she did for not-so-noble reasons, because quite frankly, some of her episodes from season 2 showed her being a bit too self-centered. This episode brought out the side I loved about Pinkie since I first saw her, while at the same time bringing her attitude down a peg.

Besides, I hate the way he uses phrases like "easy fix" after making so many complaints, as if to hammer home how much he hates this season rather than out of any desire for the show's improvement. Given his attitude lately, I'd be shocked if that weren't the case. I'm sick of him almost as much as I feel sorry for him; can he truly see no good in that which Lauren Faust was once involved?

-______- dude,I know this is old,but for your sake:
Just don't even bother with him. CR has apparently too into his "I AM RIGHT CAUSE SEASON 3 SUCKS!AND PEOPLE WHO LOVE IT ARE IDIOTS". Facade and is already loosing fans,and Hell,I think he could get fired from TGWTG.com for fighting with his fans. Just focus on Ponies and He'll eventually leave.

Trust me,you're not the only one who was enraged/frustrated by CR's stupidness: A friend of mine who I spoke about CR's behavior was so frustrated by his attitude, he got a head ache and made me delete all the messages of when we talked about it on skype.


Forgetting that CR even exists is what I've done. Let him and is unfunny show continue while he alienates his fans because he's a unfunny hack. I've said it multiple times before. CR has become a Unfunny Spoony.


That's a good idea. And trust me,I know the feelings.
Heck, I posted some of my points about how he bases his fans,and he decided to REPLY to me with this little gem:


Sorry if I'm ahem,bringing him back when you've already had problems against him ^^;;


Right. And Saying the Show is a shitty abomination because Two Characters even exist and anyone who still likes it is retarded, even the target audience is totally justified.:trollestia:

I'm starting to doubt that he actually enjoyed the show at all to begin with to be perfectly honest.


Sooooo much huh :'D?It's no wonder nobody likes him nowadays. Plus he won't even review Equestria Girls,despite the surprise of most fans,and even Lauren Faust herself.

Who knows really. It comes to show one person's opinion can change on a dime JUST BECAUSE of some small changes.:moustache:


Yeah. We're not the Sonic Fandom. We're supposed to be able to handle small changes.


Yeah. I usually understand people's reasons to be upset to the show and all, but only if they have legit reasons to WHY they're upset. That's why I just roll my eyes when people say they stopped watching the show or dislike it all because of Season 3 or the most FAMOUS event of all: Twilight becoming an Alicorn, which I already DID expect to happen (in a way,I expected her to become Royalty).


Twilight's Ascension was foreshadowed since the second ep. You have to be Blind not to see it.


I knew something big was gonna happen to her: Since the show began, she was a student to Celestia, has HUGE skills in magic,and ahem..IS the Element of MAGIC. Heck, the beginning of Season 3, Celestia mentions to Luna that if she passes the test of saving the Crystal Empire, she'd be 'ready'. I do not UNDERSTAND why so many fans are so frustrated over Twilight becoming an alicorn. Granted I was shocked too, but I was okay with it since she DID deserve that title since she is the Element of Magic.

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