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Spazzy Jamz

I'm a 22 year old musician from Jackson, Ohio. I like to read, write, and play video games in my spare time. I'm happily taken. Short and sweet.

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URGENT POST · 10:52pm May 9th, 2013

I've literally had the worst day of my life today. About an hour or two ago, after two years, nine months, and twenty-four days of being together, my fiancee and I mutually decided to call it quits. It's a long, long story, both sides filled with bad blood (more on my side), but we ended our engagement, and our relationship in general, mutually.

That being said, I'm taking a little break from writing. I sincerely apologize to all my readers for this inconvenience and I hope to be writing again soon when I'm out of this funk I'm in, whenever that may be. If you have a religion, I would ask that you pray for me in this terrible time, but if not, hey, don't sweat it. I'll still be on to read your comments and any PMs you may send me.

Again, I'm very, truly sorry to everyone.

Keep Being Awesome, you guys.

~Michael "Spazzy Jamz" Price

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Comments ( 29 )

ouch.. dude today has been a bad day. and not just for you.
I was informed today that my aunt was layed off from her job today.:pinkiesad2:

That sucks, man. I'm sorry to hear that. :fluttershyouch:

yeah.. i woke up feeling like today wasn't going to be a good day.:pinkiesad2:

Today was supposed to be a great day. I was getting a new drumset for my band, I just bought my Warped Tour tickets; everything seemed like it was going fantastic. I never thought it would come to this... :fluttercry:

I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you'll start feeling better soon!

Thanks, man. I appreciate it.

So much sad energy here. :pinkiesad2:What you all need is this...

Hope it helps, cause it certainly helps me :pinkiehappy:

I'm pretty bad at helpful words in situations like these, so sorry in advance, but, well, just:

Don't make yourself feel bad or worse for not beeing able to write. I'm pretty sure most of us can wait in that regard, as well as understand your situation even more from blog post(s) like this one.

With that, I wish you the best in your current situation, and hope that you'll be able to leave the 'funk' as soon as possible, if nothing else then for your own best.

I genuinely appreciate the thought, man. It's my favorite song in the entire series, so maybe it'll help :pinkiesad2:

Thank you. I really appreciate it. :pinkiesad2:

a few months ago, when i started working on my own story. I read a 'guide' on how to write fan fics. it crushed me and i just about gave up and deleted all my work. this pmv oddly rose me back out of my decent into the darkness.

I love this song. I may have to give it a listen later. Thanks. :pinkiesad2:

Sorry to hear about that. Hug.:pinkiesad2:

Thanks, bro. :pinkiesad2: *hugs*

Really hope that things get better for you soon. Don't get down, you'll turn into a walking storm of hatred and anger (I speak from experience, I hate most people unless they prove otherwise). Once again, hope things get better.

Thank you. I really appreciate it :pinkiesad2:

Daaaaaaamn bro :applecry: Sorry to hear that, if ya ever need anything I'll be here, just gimmeh a shout or whatever and I'll see what I can do :twilightsmile:

That does sound like a pretty shitty day. At least that means it can't really get much worse, eh? Only way to go is up and all that jazz. Well, at least one can hope so. I hope you get stuff worked out that needs to be worked out in a timely fashion so you can get past it and move on to some nicer stuff instead.

Dude, I'm really sorry I'm hope that you feel better, and maybe things will change for the better, wish there was more I could do.

Our deepest sympathies, friend.

Take as long as you need. We'll be here when you get back, man.

All my best to you, Spazzy Jamz. You take care of what needs taken care of, and come back whenever your heart's in it again. :pinkiesmile:

Thank ya kindly, sir.

I really hope so, man. Thanks. :pinkiesad2:

My condolences to you for this tragic event.
Hang in there.

hey man sorry to hear bout that but i wish u the best during this time and i wish to let you know that i am in hurry for you to update you just take as long as you need

I hope you're alright...

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