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On the nature of delays · 9:12pm Mar 23rd, 2012

If you've been following me for any length of time, you have no doubt noticed that any story updates and additions are... infrequent, to say the least. There are a few reasons for this. Partly it is to do with the massive number of edits that go into any finished piece, even before I let one of my dedicated pre-readers come close to it. Partly it's due to how long it takes for me to write anything down, on account of my constant planning and being easily distracted. Partly it's because of my busy schedule, with countless lectures, assigned readings and lengthy essays. However, there is one reason that completely overshadows all others in its sheer scale and magnitude.

You see, I... am a demon hunter.

And I'm not very good at it.

For years now I have been engaged in a one-man crusade against an evil being known as Tessa. (He has other, actual names which I prefer not to use out of defiance of him. In my head he has gained the title of The One Who Watches From Within The Circle. Unfortunately the acronym for this is TOWWFWTC, so for short I just call him Tessa in the hopes that this pisses him off.) Tessa's power is far beyond that of any mortal. His strength and influence is vast, and he has a host of dark and terrifying creatures that mindlessly serve him. However, he has limited power outside the Circles that serve as portals between our world and his, he is immobilized by rain and snow, and his commands can be countered by the strong-willed. His movements are intentionally unpredictable, so I must be always on my guard. It's only in the past year that I've started to achieve solid victories against his minions, which has only exacerbated our conflict. In the face of such a foe, I spend so much time either preparing for or recovering from our battles that it leaves little time for anything else.

It's not an easy life. It's a lot of responsibility for one person. But with great power etc etc, and I know that this is my duty. Whatever the cost, I will not rest until I have vanquished Tessa and restored harmony to the world, or at least my own life. It's a fairly big part of my existence, something that's hard to share with the people close to me... but I feel comfortable putting this story up here.

Because I know that no one is ever going to believe me.

Live well, my friends. The next chapter is coming.


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Warning: Extensive use of a broad vocabulary supported by an intelligence to match within imminent contact. Egos and pre-conceptions are now in play, and unintentional irritability on the side of those in contact may occur. Intentional irritability may also occur, but that possibility is greatly diminished due to humor and attempted friendliness. If you are easily offended or do not enjoy MLP, then you will be offended, and trollololololol'd until you enjoy MLP and fart rainbows, or enjoy rainbows and fart MLP. Please stand by for mind-fuckery and amusement, if applicable. (I sound like a commercial warning label. -_-)

It is... a peculiar feeling when I encounter a writer that I could consider to be as eccentric as myself, if not more-so. When one is willing to abandon all pretenses and reveal such an obviously contrived falsehood (that then must be truth, if only for ironic comedy), that individual is subject to several labels in my book: mad, eccentric, to-be-approached, and not least of all, unexpected (which might help your demon problem, should you happen to know the Spanish Inquisition). As such, I tip my hat to you, sir.

Continuing, you also have impressed me with your ability to write, to say nothing of the complicated plot (sexy and otherwise) of the story at hand: specifically, your Death Note/MLP fic. Now, let it be known that I have no expertise whatsoever in terms of Death Note; I have only ever heard it referenced, and have never searched for information on the subject of my own accord. However, I was delighted when I found that having some notion of DN was entirely unecessary in order for one to enjoy your story; as one who considers himself to be of a decent sort of connoisseurship in terms of writing and its affiliated subjects, this drew me into the story so much easier, as I was not required to go and seek out information on DN, making transitioning into the story itself so much simpler.

With all that tiny amount of praise out of the way, I do promise to leave something of a relatively comprehensive review at some point in time; by comprehensive, I mean to say constructively critical. While I know my lack of DN information will be detrimental to such an effort, I am sure that the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch will come in handy at some point.

In any event, I applaud you, and your associates.

Now, as for your demonic dilemma:

This ruffian - Tessa, you call him? - seems to be a relatively weak follower of Tzeentch, as you described him as both a watcher and one who is intentionally unpredictable, and well as possessing influence, which indicates some scheming nature that must all tie together in order for an effective design to be used against you. With all that said, I would suggest calling a Universal Help Line, hoping for a coke bottle to fall from the sky to your aid, or simply calling on the Church Police, in conjunction with the Spanish Inquisition and a few poodles.

That, or throw a pillow at him. You know, whichever suits you best.

I support explosives, anarchy, order, and whatever force it is that makes my tea cool down in the morning.~

Have a nice day!

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