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In celebration of 150 followers... · 6:47am May 7th, 2013


In recognition of this awesome moment I've decided to accelerate my timeline a bit, and offer you guys a brief peek into my next major story...That's right kids, We're going to be revealing the title of the next story in The Code's Apprentice series - AND it's accompanying summary text (Which may be subject to slight changes)

And so I present to you...

The Code of Harmony
(Adventure, Comedy, Dark, Alt Universe - Rating as yet undecided)

Tia Sunbeam, personal student of Queen Twilight Sparkle has a very big secret.

Tia Sunbeam is in truth Celestia Solaris - once Sun's Glory, and Princess of the Realm of Equestria. With her Alicorn power sealed away by her sister Luna, Tia has been sent to Ponyville to live amongst her people with none of the limitations - or protections - of the royal crown. She will have to confront her ancient prejudices, re-learn how to live both socially and professionally alongside commoners, and study a world that is about to change forever.

For Equestria is not the calm and peaceful land it once was. Queen Twilight Sparkle is determined to end the centuries long restrictions on many races who wish to live within the land of Equestria, and return worship of the powers of Dissonance to legality. More, she seeks to force a policy of integration and equality for these once benighted races of darkness, and damn the potential consequences. As in the background, an old threat arises to challenge the fate of the world once again...

As Equestria must face the turbulent political and societal unrest brought about by these actions, so too must Tia face her own worst fears of a world undergoing radical changes all around her. But most importantly of all, she will need to face a challenge she has avoided for more than a thousand years.

She must make some friends.

Tentative Release Date: June 1st (Subject to possible change)

Oh and as a side note - I am DESPERATELY seeking an artist to help provide me with a cover image for this story! If anypony watching is an artist, or knows someone who would be willing to do the work for a not-too ridiculous fee, please let me know!

Comments ( 11 )

1060260 Great Evil Twilight pictures, though I'm more looking for something with a "Young Unicorn" Celestia - which I cannot seem to find no matter how hard I look.

I may have to use one of those for the next Shadow series story tho.

1060302 You're awesome, Asa. I'll see about using some of these. ^_^

lol no problem
link to my favorite list for MLP
you my find something you like that is not twilight

i just love the look of chrysalis in this one

you deserve to have many followers, your stories are amazing in a lot of ways. as much as i love getting more great stories and chapter faster; don't push yourself beyond your limit, im pretty sure you're producing more stuff than i can process at the moment (keep in mind that im in a mad study dash right now) entirely by yourself anyways:pinkiecrazy:.

on the rest of the content of this blog:
also, those tags; comedy, can't wait to see how that turns out. keep in mind that slice of life means that literally nothing major happens, nothing out of the ordinary, just day to day life.

1060520 Hmm, good point on the tags. Luckily, all of this is subject to changes - mostly because I haven't even entirely finished the story outline.

Oh well, back to adventure it goes then.

>7000 views across all stories


The fuck. I have 25,000 views and 100 followers.

1098719 You've written a TON more fics than me. I only have 4 of them out, you've got like 30. =p

Also, I write like a crazy person.


Featured box is better for that than EQD or /r/clopclop, it seems.

Man, I've written two or three things that I swore were perfect featured box bait. It annoys the shit out of me that they didn't make it and in one case it was totally overlooked.

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