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A Proper Old Firm Job · 4:30am May 7th, 2013

Without trying to sound like I am gloating, good news everyone.

I just checked the status of the "my-story-was-copied" fiasco, and "Into the Black" by Battle Damage has been removed from fanfiction.net. I cannot thank you enough for supporting me in this issue, be it through PMs, abuse reports, or whatever. Everything was resolved before I even had a chance to PM Battle Damage to make my case.

Battle Damage, if you are reading this under some other name here, I hope you have learned a lesson. Do us all a favour and apologize not just to me, but also to the readers on fanfiction.net who gave you credit for my work.

Now that this messy business is behind us, I can get back to work. Again, thank you to all my readers for your support.

Thought for the day: "True justice is quite simply the will of the Emperor."

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By the emperor's name we always have justice.

A fool puts his faith in himself. A wise man puts his faith in the Emperor.

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