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  • 137 weeks


    i updated that

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  • 382 weeks
    Grab your torches and pitchforks

    Alright guys I got some sad news
    I tried to upload the latest chapter of A2 last night.
    And all the sudden my computer took a massive apocalyptic shit on me and crashed and burned.
    So as of right now that's all of chapter 17 and some of 18, some 20,000+ words all down the pipes.
    As in, gone.

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  • 433 weeks
    Terminal let down

    Sorry I disappeared. I got sent away again.
    Currently stuck in the middle of the Mojave fighting off vipers and coyotes and duct taping Privates to things.
    Hate to say it but expect no significant update for at a minimum of a month. Possibly not until late August.
    The chapter is mostly done. But I'm not home to actually finish up and post it.
    Sorry guys.

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  • 450 weeks

    Coming home Sunday after this little adventure with Uncle Sam's misguided children. Fun times were had by all.
    Expect a new chapter in the next week or so.

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  • 490 weeks
    Ya'll gon be mad

    Hey, guys.
    Got some bad news.
    Got a phone call this morning saying I had 24 hours to get on a plane and report to a base halfway across the country.
    So I'll be gone for a little bit. I'll have some contact with the outside world but unfortunately I wont be able to write very often.
    So I'll come home, hopefully in June sometime and get that next chapter cranked out.

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War were declared · 10:17pm May 5th, 2013

...Not really.
But I'm going active for awhile. I'll be back whenever.
Hopefully in a few weeks.

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Comments ( 28 )

Best of luck, dude

Good luck, don't die and come back to write this thing.

Did you get your pig gum lol? Or whatever the Futurama joke was.

At least you got your discount...


Ack... stay safe, man! Come back to us!

You better come back and finish your story. Not even the Marines can hold off a herd of angry bronies from kidnapping you and forcing you to sit in front of a typewriter!

Good luck, my friend. I wish you all the best. May you have many M*A*S*H-esque shenanigans as you brew your own martinis, court the lovely Korean waitresses, and prank your fellow comrades.

Bu in all seriousness, stay safe, dude.

1057373 Im pretty sure they can

also you bronies disappoint me, I expected more of this

What happened to you guys?
Also I've read the new chapter, it's the best chapter of any story I've ever read, pure gold

Troll army, waits for their soldiers to go do something they've been waiting for. Puts on active again.

Good luck buddy.

Stay safe.

Dayum, there go hopes for an update. Stay safe, man!

Well, good luck in all your endeavours then!

Stay safe!

Good luck!!!

You in the Army? I just finished my Basic Military Qualification in the Canadian Army! Mayhap we are kindred spirits, lol.

It's probably too late to say "Good luck" to your original post, so I'll just say "Good luck to whatever comes next!"

I'm glad nobody set you up the bomb.


Yes, I took your title to be a Zero-Wing reference, and responded to it in kind.




Damn it.

1163302 Romney would have done it to...

He's a marine >.> He's said so like 50 times in the prologue of his stories and journals; Shane is more or less a self insert with a higher rank.

1330599 Way to be 12 weeks late to the party... Also, I don't really pay attention to journals, and its been how long since the prologue happened?


Prologues and epilogues of his STORIES. It didn't have a prologue. The little bits at the beginning and end of the stories where he addresses his readers? And I wasn't aware that answering a old post was such an offense.

Glad your amused :p Now get back to writing! *Whipcrack*

1331477 Not really an offence... Just... odd...

Also, since I there was no prologue, I never read the prologue. Ergo, I did not know that Shane was a self insert.

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