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  • Wednesday
    Three Centimeters? It's A Rule We Can Overlook

    So, this blog will be like your mother in bed -- quick and dirty. 'Cause it's 4am and I need to go to bed, but I want to do it already so I can sleep without regrets.

    So like your mother again, I guess. We always end up there, what can I say.

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    24 comments · 436 views
  • 4 weeks
    When Family Cannot Be Here, Having Journeyed Far and Wide

    It was my birthday this past Wednesday -- woo I'm 23 give me stuff woo -- but I had no ways to come in here and post anything.

    There was a guy supposed to come to my house and install a router on Monday, true. But, the dude came in, looked around, said "Hahah wow I have no idea how to deal with this," and immediately left.

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  • 6 weeks
    Chlorine and Ladybug Kisses

    This just happened. This is real, I'm not kidding, this is an actual true story. This has changed me.

    Today I woke up to my neighbor gently jacking off his dog.

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    52 comments · 828 views
  • 13 weeks
    The Power of Hate (or, Dickweeds)

    After spending ninety minutes telling us we are all special and that we have to chase our dreams and life is wonderful and money is not the most important thing in the world and shit, my Human Resources teacher pointed at me and asked “You! What’s your dream?!”

    “To die a fucking millionaire.”

    Emphasis on the fucking.

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  • 14 weeks

    A terrible thing has happened today in the city I've called my home for the last five years -- and the one I'm going to live in for the next two or three, too. Check the news to know more about it (I'd rather not talk about it in here, to be completely honest). It happened in the Rambla, Barcelona's main street of sorts, and a lot of people got hurt.

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Ssssso the sequel is technically up, but... · 9:11pm Apr 27th, 2013

Well, for some reason it's just not advancing the approval queue. It's been there for more than 48 hours now, so... Huh. It's not being denied, it's just that it hasn't been seen yet.

So, eh, I'm going to post the link here, just in case someone wants to, you know, read it. It should go up someday, but till then, I don't want the few readers I have to wait too much.

So, here you go!


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