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    6. The Best Laid Plans

    Honestly, I didn't think it would go that awry, in regards to my updating schedule. My second semester of University started, I was busy and pushed back an update a week. Followed by another week, and then another. And true to the snowball effect, it really didn't stop until...well, it has not even stopped as of yet. But with University Exams upcoming ("Pssh, who even needs to study") and

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    5. Updates, floods, and exams (or any combination thereof)

    Well, I finally got up "Chapter 1" of In Her Shadows. Between University exams and study, my life has been largely consumed by mundane things. Not fun. And to compound things, a large winter storm blew up from Antarctica and hammered the South Island of New Zealand, especially the Otago region. We received heavy rain and hail, which over-saturated ground and caused mudslides; and massive

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    4. Delays and Exams

    Ah, apologies...that deadline I set? Yeah...exams and assignments came up. I was about 3,400 words through it when I seriously began to question my actual introduction to the story I was trying to do, and then got blindsided with a last minute assignment. So I'll have the post up in the later stages of this week, and will resume writing and have a post up soon after exams. Sorry about that again.

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    3. University and Delays

    As it turns out, the 'crunch' phase of a University Semester is easily the most hectic time and stressful of times at University. I wouldn't have known that for sure if this were not my first semester. Fortunately, I've bumbled my way though largely unscathed. I may even pass Statistics (quite honestly, I don't know if I will), but other than that, my other classes are going well. But in any

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    2. Establishment

    Well, I've got the first two chapters of stories I've had on my mind up on the site, and I've established a basic presence on the site. So far, so good. So, what I have in mind right now is to post updates for one story, and then the other - hence giving me time to brainstorm for either. I'm not sure on a timeline for posts: I'll be working on these between University and life - with any luck,

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1. G'day there! · 3:53am Apr 27th, 2013

Hi there! My name is Leo. (Well, its really Liam, but forget technicalities). Anyway, I'm a 19 year old male Uni student in New Zealand, who has been a member of the My Little Pony fandom for about a year and a half. I can say its certainly made my life in Uni easier, and I'm glad to be here. I finally made an account here because I've decided to write some fanfiction. I usually write Halo fan fiction, so this ought to be good! Anyway, just an introduction; hopefully I'll be about for quite a long while.

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