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  • 307 weeks
    Happy Nightmare Night Everypony!

    Okay so to anyone reading this who has been following me, I know I have appeared to be gone for a long time but I just want to let you know that I have been doing my best to get something done. Life has been getting in the way though and I am sorry for that. I'm not going to go into details but hopefully it will be over soon. I have been putting in some thought and decided that I might just make

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  • 353 weeks
    What should I do?

    Hey everyone, I have a question that I need answered. See I have been trying to get more writing done but it seems that no matter what I do, I keep hitting a dead end. It has always been my intention to give everything I have and put it into my writing, however I'm starting to think making a sequel for 'Buck My Life' was a bad decision since it feels like I've been writing nothing but garbage and

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  • 359 weeks
    Happy Nightmare Night

    Hey, I thought I would just post this since Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year. So far its been pretty uneventful for me and I'm not doing anything special this year, but it wont stop me from enjoying the holiday! Also I suppose I should tell you about a different story I have been helping with... it's called Don't Look, and

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  • 361 weeks
    Well I'm back...

    Now before I say anything you might want to have a few tissues handy just in case.

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  • 366 weeks
    Update news

    I am sorry but I will not be able to update Change My Life this week. The reason for this delay is that I spent three days in a city 300 miles away to check on my health and possibility of a treatment for my illness. During those three days I was unable to do much writing and the trip left me feeling very exhausted. In order to make up for lost time I will need another week before I can post on

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What total bullcrap... · 2:34am Apr 25th, 2013

I thought I might as well submit my story to EQD just for the hell of it since the worst thing they could do is reject it but apparently I cant even do that! I checked the guidelines and it says in rule three

3) We will not accept the following:
— X-rated content, including sexually transgressive or gorey stories
— Incest, foalshipping beyond a schoolyard crush, and other broad cultural taboos
— Humanized/anthro stories
— Avoid people from the fandom, famous or otherwise.
— Copy-paste stories (e.g. The text of Harry Potter with character names swapped out)
— Stories written in a language other than English
No stories involving bronies. -Human in Equestria on the other hand is alright.
— No compilations of short stories.

So yeah... I cant even attempt to get in because of a bullshit rule that targets my story. The stories I heard about Equestria Daily were true! They are nothing but a bunch of pompous assholes with a superiority complex! Thats okay thought because who needs them to say what I made is good if they dont even have a firm grasp of what can be good. Their loss...

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For a group that touts itself as superior, they don't make any sort of effort to show it.

1032509 yeah they just think that they are on top because they were one of the first websites to post brony stuff exclusively and constantly get people kissing their ass for a spot on the featured spot. I think we should actually start banding together against them and get them to notice that it them that need us, not the other way around.

1032514 yeah but they will never care because they are too self-absorbed to see the potential of it right in front of them. point is they are total dicks and I wont have anything to do with a bunch of dicks. (thats what she said (oh my god I made a sex joke! what is wrong with me?!))

1032528 not me! honest! I wasnt like this yesterday, I swear!
Applejack: Ahm the element of honesty and boy you have some problems...:ajsmug:

uh, yeah I got nothin'... you have officially made me confused. congratulations on your magnificent achievement! twilight thanks you!

1032597 and now to make this the funniest blog I have ever done... PINKIE LOGIC!

1032639 Yeah but is that really such a bad thing?:pinkiecrazy:

1032672 hey the lyrics clearly said I am awesome! it just didn't give any good reasons why I am... but I know that there are some reasons around here somewhere *digs through a box tossing out miscellanious objects until pulling out a page of paper* AH HA! found it! the list says Im awesome because eggs, milk, bread... wait no, this is a shopping list, my bad. :derpytongue2:

1032683 :pinkiegasp: HOW DARE YOU! I am an excellent scientist! My methods are a bit odd I'll admit, but they get the job done damn it! And as for my conclusions, I am right at least 95% of the time! I say good day to you sir! *grabs hat, puts it on and walks into the closet* I have no idea what I am doing!

1032715:unsuresweetie: and you lost me yet again... what isn't fun exactly?

1032723 in risk of sounding like the doctor... ! love not knowing stuff, keeps you on your toes!

1032729 as I often say, 'chaos is the spice of life'. With out a bit of randomness things get kinda bland and boring.

1032749 Only a little bit! Geez, you accidentally blow up a city one time and then everyones all 'stay away spawn of satan!' or 'please don't kill me malevolent one!'... *sigh* damn background checks...

1032757 ... well at least your city had survivors. Nobody ever told me that napalm was an explosive weapon so when I pressed the 'launch' (which in my defense looks like 'lunch') and expected some kind of ice cream, I was not at fault. I mean seriously! who in their right minds just leaves a button to launch a missile right where you can push it after breaking glass that says 'break in case of emergencies' in the open like that?! I was hungry and thought that it was an emergency! :derpyderp2:

1032773 please dont say 'amen'... it burns like hell.

1032783 Grace? Phtt... yeah right. You and I both know I'm about as graceful as Iron Will.

1032795 nobody doubts it. it was just proven... by this chart!
The numbers dont lie!:trollestia:

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