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  • 527 weeks
    Well, Everybody, It's Been Fun

    It's been fun, guys, but I'm finally finished with FiM and all that that implies. Maybe it's sudden, and maybe it seems a little odd, but it really is time for me to move on. My purpose in life can never be fulfilled if all I ever do is lurk around the Internet. Having said that, this is--indeed--the end of the road for me.

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  • 527 weeks
    What's everyone up to?

    It sure has been a while since I've done one of these, hasn't it?

    As for me . . . summer reading . . . . That should explain my situation, I trust :facehoof:

    So, what's everyone up to? How've things changed for all of you guys?

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  • 540 weeks
    Post your theme song

    As title says.

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  • 540 weeks
    Name Change

    To be honest, I never thought I would do this, but I actually changed my name.

    It just seems to fit me a bit more, I think.


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  • 541 weeks
    Everyone loves depressing poetry, right?

    Here's just a little something I wrote a few minutes ago.

    If you've ever felt like whatever you were doing was meaningless for whatever reason, then you should know that I pretty much wrote this to embody that very feeling of emptiness.

    A Hymn for Humanity

    To see, to hear, to think, to groan;
    Always seeking to bemoan - - -

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Something kinda important · 4:28pm Apr 23rd, 2013

Nothing all too serious, at least in my opinion, but still pretty notable, nonetheless.

For whatever reason, I can no longer look at my user page while I am logged in.

If I had to take a guess, its probably because I'm a member of 862 groups, but I'm not exactly sure.

From now on, I can no longer comment on my user-page.

I might make a blog just for people to leave comments for me, because I can no longer reply to them on my user-page.

Just letting you guys know —


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Comments ( 9 )

You should ask a Mod.

Or, you could just delete that module from your userpage.

Either or.

I know how much you are enjoying that chapter 5 writing you have been doing.


D'oh, you found me


Pretty good, isn't it?

Only have 2 chapter to do this weekend. Nothing hard about that.

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