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Major Announcements! (Twilight Fall, Code's Apprentice, Other Oneshots) · 10:26am Apr 23rd, 2013

What a long strange road its been.

Three weeks ago, I sat down to write a story about an Equestria ruled by grey on grey morality. One in which two opposite, competing philosophies embodied two radically different views of the world. I wanted to write a world where the characters were not perfect, where knowledge was often limited to the experiences of the ponies in question, and in which the darker aspects of many of my favorite characters could be explored.

The original Code's Apprentice outline called for 18-22 chapters, at around 3-4k words per chapter. As of this writing, it has now clocked in at 33 chapters, with an average of just under 5k words per chapter. Obviously, a lot has changed along the way.

While writing my main fic, I set out to try and write a true, romantic clop fic. One with real emotion, meaning, and depth. I wanted the sex to mean something within the plot. I wanted to write a one shot that actually resembled a real short story. What I did not expect was how much more popular it would end up being in comparison to my main fic.

Now, three weeks later, I've gained a small crowd of Followers. (Hello to all 50+ of you! You guys/girls/whatevers are all awesome!) A modestly successful fic, and a pretty darn successful clopfic, and new purpose in my writing.

But that's not what you're reading this blog post for. You're here to find out the big announcement. Well, for those of you who haven't read the epilogue to Code's Apprentice, here it is.

Yep. There's going to be a sequel to The Code's Apprentice. Actually, there's going to be a lot more than just a direct sequel - There's gonna be a bunch of one-shots to go with it.

Originally, Code's Apprentice was written to be a self contained story - but as I came closer and closer to the confrontation between Celestia and Twilight, my mind began to shift. There was an incredible universe worth of stories to be told here. I already knew the next stories I wanted to write, side stories I wanted to write in it. I had a universe worth building in. I Decided to change things up and go for it.

That's the good news. The bad news is the sequel is going to be a little while.

Namely, It's not going to come out until AFTER "Twilight Fall" is over. I simply can't work on two massive main fics at the same time, especially not ones in different universes. Just cant do it.

On the upswing, I am going to be working on a number of side stories for Code's Apprentice in the meantime.

This may include the following Fics-

Rise - The story of Trixie's adventure in Hollow Shades, as mentioned in the late chapters of The Codes Apprentice. This is going to be a character focused piece, along with some world building and some rip-roaring action and adventure. This one is first on the boiler and I'm already working on it.

The Coven Diaries - A series of one shots / short stories describing the new interactions between the Mane-Six within the Code universe, starting with the events of Chapter 18 - The Pause and what went on in Twilight's Bedroom. A lot of this is going to be cloppy, but some of it is going to be just character pieces, so it's gonna come out in fits and starts.

The Way to the Top - For those of you who didn't catch the subtle reference in Chapter 30, I am officially connecting Musical Relations to the Code Universe. This is totally not a cynical ploy to market my main fic to more readers. Whatever else- The Way to the Top will be a direct, one-shot Sequel to Musical Relations. Details to be announced later.

So, how long will Twilight Fall take to create, and what will the Sequel to Code's Apprentice be about?

Welllll, that's not something I'm prepared to predict. Truth be told, I really do not know how long Twilight Fall is going to end up being. It will almost certainly be shorter than Code's Apprentice was, but how much so, I cant say.

However, what I can say is that the story of the first Code's Apprentice sequel is actually split between two possible stories. I am going to write BOTH of them eventually, but I am not decided on which one I want to write first.

That, however, is going to have to wait for a future blog post. For right now, I've got a lot of work to get doing on Twilight Fall.

SPEAKING OF WHICH! The Twilight Fall was submitted for moderation approval this morning! So whenever it's up, It's up. Keep your eyes open for it, true believers! I'll try to send out another Blogpost when it does!

Until then, Please, feel free to ask any questions via this blog post! I'll be happy to answer anything you might want to know about Twilight Fall, the slowly going project to clean up Twilight Struggle, and the future of The Code's Apprentice!

Stay Pony, My Friends!

Comments ( 15 )

awesome can't wait (and will have to have a look at your other stuff sometime)

I have a question about The Twilight Fall, do you have a set update schedule for it or will it be simply whenever you manage to write a chapter? I am personally hoping for another every day update story!:twilightsmile:

1028561 At this time, I plan to continue my policy of "When it's done, I'm gonna publish it."

However, whether or not I'll be able to do that like I did for Code's Apprentice is still very much up in the air. So no promises at this time. (I would love it if I could keep that going, but we'll see how things work out.)

oh boy, i 'have to' read all of those, twilight's fall, the prequel and musical relations included; i would have read musical relations earlier, but that damn one big word count is making it hard to find enough time available at one time.

1028563 You could always read part of it, and come back to it later. :raritywink:

1028562 Thanks for the answer. I hope you have a good time writing this new story and wish you the best of luck.

1028569 Just to warn you ahead of time - The original "Twilight Struggle" Is still very, very rough. As in, there's a LOT of run-on sentences, punctuation and capitalization issues, and it can get incoherent at times.

So please, do not go in expecting the quality I've been churning out in Code's Apprentice. Twilight Struggle is one of those things I'm gonna spend the next few MONTHS trying to edit it into better shape.

Feel free to read it! Just... know what you're getting yourself into.

good to know; i don't really mind a unless it's distracting me from the actual story all the time.

YES! Let's hope that it'll come out soon. :D

And although I agree that The Twilight Struggle's grammar is not the best, it's still good to read, my main problem is with the capitalization a lot of times. There's a lot of names you don't capitalize! :twilightsheepish:


Twilight Struggle is one of those things that is in the process of being fixed... and is going to BE in the process of being fixed for a looooong time.

1028616 That is really, really true, mainly because it's long, and it's tiring to read a lot of words at once. I think you ought to take a rest every once in a while though. :twilightsmile:

This is actually somewhat relevant to your "following"...

I registered on 15th of October, 2011, and I have 98 followers. (With NO idea of what I should do for when I reach the 100 followers milestone)

You registered on 25th of January, 2013, and you have 74 followers. 74 FOLLOWERS! Not that many writers can brag that in less than six months they have almost 100 followers. You should be damn proud of yourself man.


1029773 Make that 99 Followers, Bro! :pinkiehappy:

Also - Yes. I am incredibly overwhelmed at all this support. It's firing me up! I'm gonna make sure every single person who's put an eye on me never regrets it for a second!


1029782 I started smirking like a muthaf*cka when I saw that you started following me.

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