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  • 382 weeks
    Believe it or not

    So yea... despite my separation from mlp and moving onto other more career oriented things in my life... Well honestly only reason I'm even here right now is I can't seem to draw or paint, sat the moment. I think I've been burnt out, and thanks to that burn out the next chapter of Persona will be released very soon. I'm at least 1000 words in I can't tell you if the next sex scene will be in this

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  • 420 weeks
    Holy ish...

    I forgot this place even existed, along side 90% of the things dealing with bronies and mlp. Depending on how things look, I may pick back up the stories out of boredom... After all I am considered the Dragon King by those who know me, and I won't let any Dragon just fade away from me.

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  • 531 weeks
    The next chapter

    There will be a Special guest appearance from Kanye West, Jay Z, and the Rothschild family.

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  • 532 weeks
    Welp I'm stuck...

    I am 440 words into chapter 9 of persona and honestly I'm stuck between who is going to be introduced in the chapter; the choices are Diamond Tiara, Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, Cheerilee, or Octavia..... I guess I'll just stop writing for now.

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  • 536 weeks
    Things are not awesome...

    So things are not to awesome.... After my grandma's funeral monday (same day this semester of college started so I missed the first day.) I finally was enjoying myself with my oil painting and life drawing classes and then more problems this time around money hits... Now I may be out another fucking semester which is a bad thing seeing how Ive already lost my grace period do to some bullshit like

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Draw, draw, draw, and draw! · 7:01pm Apr 21st, 2013

I am doing a Illuminati sketch and it will have; spike, Luna, sombra, celestia, luna, discord, and chrysalis... I'm not sure if I will add; Horizon, Rapid, and garble though.

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