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Sonson-sensei here, how's it hanging my precious students. Not much I can say about myself in such a short blurb but I'm a writer and artist that happens to like ponies. Rarity is best pony.

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Update: Story Status · 5:37pm Apr 18th, 2013

Well I guess I haven’t been the busiest of beavers recently, in fact I did next to no writing throughout March. Hey but there’s a reason behind it. I won’t say life got in the way, it was actually video games.

I dedicated all my spare time to playing new releases and that was pretty much my March, besides the mundane stuff such as work. But on to good news, I’ve had my fill of pushing buttons on my controller and am now back in front of Microsoft word transforming my imagination into written form. (That's what writing is right?)

A Zoologist Dream is sitting at 7.4k and I’ll be wrapping it up in a few more days and sending it off to my awesome editor. I admit it’s a bit heavy on the dialogue, and isn’t riddled with as many funnies as I’d like. But I still like what I’ve got so far.

Also I want to gauge interest on a possible Discord cameo so to speak, for the chapter that will follow this one. Since he’s reformed or whatever it wouldn’t be weird for him to make a brief appearance. Regardless if I add him in a scene or not he won’t have any impact on the story itself. So by adding him it would really just be a little treat for people that like him, nothing really more than that.

Now on to Different Shades. It just came to my attention that I haven’t updated that story since September and that’s well…unacceptable. So I’ve started the next chapter of that as well. I figure I can still update it every blue moon until AZD is finished, before I dedicate more attention to it. It’s currently sitting at 1.5k so yeah not much but it’s underway and will follow after my next AZD update. So readers of that, I hope you’re looking forward to it.

Well that’s all I have to report, have a nice day.

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Comments ( 10 )

A scene with Discord could be interesting. It couldn't hurt at the very least. :pinkiesmile:

So, what game(s) grabbed your attention? There have been a lot released recently. Can't wait for the next update, AZD is a lot of fun to read.

1018561 Yeah I think I'm going to role with it.

1020123 GOW ascension (kind of meh) Tomb Raider (Awesome) Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 (It's decent) Metal Gear Rising (Another meh for me) Bioshock Infinite (Still haven't beaten it yet, but it's really good so far) And Darkstalkers resurrection.

Bioshock Infinite doesn't disappoint, does it? :twilightsmile:

1020197 So far it hasn't disappointed, and I hear the ending is supposed to be awesome. I've been avoiding spoilers for this reason.

Still avoiding spoilers at this stage of the game? Kind of hard to do if you go to any gaming website, isn't it?

1020229 IGN is pretty much the only gaming site I visit, and for most part they let you know an article will have spoilers. So long as I stay off Bioshock youtube related videos, it should be fine. Or maybe I should just finish the game already. :twilightblush:

I'd recommend that you finish it up. The longer you go without finishing a game the more chances there are to have it spoiled for you.

Sweet! :pinkiehappy: I've been itching to read the next chapter of AZD! :rainbowkiss:

Thank you for updating Shades. I can understand games getting in the way, but maybe you can strike a balance?

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