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America, Home of the Heroes · 4:22pm Apr 18th, 2013

Hello once again fellow watchers who are yet to be annoyed by my constant blogging,

First and foremost, I'd like to take the time to send out my sincerest best wishes to those affected by the recent bombings in Massachusetts. My heart goes out to all the families and friends of the 2+ deceased and 100+ injured. I speak on behalf of all Bronies when I say that we hope whomever is responsible will be caught and brought to justice. Also, to all the first responders, or rather all responders, you're one of the few things that make me proud to be American. You heard the sounds of chaos, and instead of doing the smarter and safer thing by running away, you did the right and brave thing by running towards it. Sometimes we believe that these four traits are always prevalent together, but at times like this you're forced to choose. God bless you.

Also, I'd like to send another set of sincere best wishes to the families of the 5-15 deceased in the Texas plant explosion. And thank you to all of those who helped there as well. God bless you as well.

If I am correct, there were also some deaths in the Middle East. I haven't heard any hype whatsoever (big surprise; American media only cares about America), but if this is true, I hope you all recover soon. Again, God/Allah bless.

It appears that my home country is experiencing some rough times, with Kim Jong Un promising to attack any second (don't know yet if I believe him), and a big debate over homeland security and the Second Amendment (the right to own firearms). However, this is not the first time America has been threatened and scared, nor will it be our last. We will strive forward, for we stand united.

Anyways, now that my inner patriot is satisfied, I'd like to announce that starting today I'm going to be playing around with a little crossover I'm going to name The Trotting Dead. Knowing my reputation, I'll probably quit this after a week or two, but hey, who knows? Unlike some of my other stories, I actually have quite a bit of plans for this one. I'll post and link to (in the story's description) a blog explaining some of the background.

Now, I know what you're thinking: "Derps, TWD crossovers have already been done!" Well, buck the system. I'm doing my own, so deal with it.

A few pre-notes to it: this crossover will NOT follow the storyline of the show, comics or game. However, some scenes and characters will be inspired by either the game or first two seasons of the show (I still need to see S3, which is not on Netflix).

Also, the characters will be humanized, seeing as how a pony cannot fire a gun. The main protag will be Big Mac, inspired by Rick and a little by Lee.

One last thing, this fic will be rated mature (what'd you expect, honestly?), for violence and a clop scene or two. Yes, this is my first attempt at a clop, but the scenes are going to be progressive to the storyline. So far, though, I only have a Fluttermac planned.

Anyways, I've already told you too much. Now I'm pretty much forced to go through with this. *Sigh*

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1017490 I know, I'm real original right?

You are one of the two Bronies I've seen on here that even mention these disastrous events, which gives me hope that at least some people care enough to create a blog post in memory of the people affected. Thank you, and God Bless. :twilightsmile:

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