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I'm a comic artist and illustrator. Like Naruto and MLP, and other stuff, but they're both my fav ones. And my fav MLP is Rarity, also love Sparity. my dA www.pia-sama.deviantart.com

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    TWOT chap 6 on the way...

    yeah i finished a couple of days ago of writing it, so I should be uploading it tomorrow or during the weekend :3

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    Love Anchor Update...

    Hello everypony, just wanted to tell you all, after all this time, a new chapter of LA is finally done!.. from my part only though, now just wait for the edits, hope they won't take too long ; )

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    Well I'm really sorry for the loooooooooooong delay of my stories' updates. The reason: Life.
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    Sparity Pic

    I made this pic for this chapter. SPOILER ALERT! Don't click if you didn't read the chapter yet!
    Click if you read chapter "The art of the tuxedo part 2"

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    Problem solved : )

    Thanks everypony, i already solved the problem : )

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New Sparity comic :D · 1:53am Apr 17th, 2013

I'm back using my dear old fixed PC and found an interesting storyboard I made so much time ago so decided to give it life! here ya go, hope ya like!

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Comments ( 27 )

oh now i really like this i hope you put on deviantart after your suspension is over

I hope so, too xD

Awesome as alway Pia-chan and................WHY THE HELL DID THEY SUSPENDED YOU FOR????

muy buen comi, aunque un poco cruel con Spike

por q cruel? nadie lo manda a pasarse rollos xDD
thanks : )
Well I made something against the rules... but it's only during one month.

spike thought he was going to get laid

Rofl, poor Spike... one day. So when is your supsension done anyways? It feels like forever... god some people can be such prudes :ajbemused:

Also, what happened to your computer?

I love it. All your comics are great. :moustache:

This is truly amazing. Great work!

Hey, congrats on making Equestria Daily!


DA suspension or not, you're still one of the top artists in the fandom! :moustache:

And yeah, they are jerks for suspending you, but the worse jerks are the ones who go after people on the internet for drawing pictures. DeviantArt is just covering their butts, just like YouTube takes down pony videos every so often. This ain't the Internet of the 90s, somebody let the jerks in! :twilightsmile:

thanks for the support.. i rly apreciate it <3

thanks darlings :heart:
na' my suspension will end withing one month, or less since it seems a week already passed xP
my computer, well i'll sell my laptop because i need a new one with a better screen, the old one was excelent but it's monitor had problems with color, such thing can't be ignored by a person like me who work with colors lol
so I'm back to use my fixed one, i won't be able to travel though because well, i won't have laptop and can't be away my home too much time since that'd mean i couldn't work ....

1017209 Have you done any other works like this?

well yes, and i'm working and coworking on upcoming ones...
I have....
This one
the SV one...

but i guess you already saw these. Also have some fanarts.

1017799 You are very talented. Spike and Rarity really do look great together.

thankya and of course they do, they're best pairing ever :duck:
so is not hard make them look good together... :raritywink:

1017822 I know you are a reader of Reflections of the Heart. Would you like to be a pre reader for it?

hmmm well I could give it a try... : )

1017839 You don't have to if you don't want to.

i would rly like : )
as far as it won't bash my favourite character, though lol

1017850 Rarity is my second favorite pony, second only to Pinkie Pie.

uh huh
but wasn't your fic going on a SlutterSpike one? then Rarity will suffer D :

1017880 I think you mean FlutterSpike. And yes, it is. Unless something changes, it is going to be a FlutterSpike. Honestly, it is still up in the air. It could change in the future. It all depends on how the story evolves.

sorry i didn't mean to write slutter lmao
and well.. hmmm.. but then Rarity will suffer T_T
but ok, lemme be a betaproof so maybe i can convince ya... mwahaha

1017919 Racko has told me a lot about you. Said you are a great proofreader. Also, from your own writing I can tell you are very talented.

naaa' i actually suck, but have good editors :rainbowlaugh:
but thanks for your words anyways ; ) and then I could give it a try...

1017970 What is your gmail account?

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