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My little blog / Doctor who story · 9:35pm Apr 15th, 2013

Generally I'm not very tech savvy in fact I'm more or less a follower of king Lud (Why should my phone need to do anything but phone? I'm not even sure why I need to carry it around with me) when it comes to most tech type things so this is in fact my first attempt at a blog anywhere, ever. Thus its probably not going to be very good but on the bright side only two people max are likely to read it (Thank you both of you!).

Anyway I'm just starting on my first multi-party story entitled Time after Time. As with the rest of my stories its the result of the one of Fizzy Oranges challenges in the Lunaverse. This months challenge was to write a crossover, as I've been a fan of Dr Who for longer than many of this sites visitors have been alive the choice wasn't to hard (the fact I've surrounded by several hundred Dr Who books, CDs and DVDs right now doesn't hurt either). My idea was based on the key to time. This was a gimmick for the 16th series of Dr Who where the stories for the whole series were linked by the Doctor hunting down the various pieces of the titular key to time in order to fix the universe. I've done much the same with the doctor having to track down pieces of the wall separating the Lunaverse and the Dr Who universe before the two interact and destroy each other. I decided to have one chapter a doctor so I'd get some experience at writing various types of stories and with different characters.

So far I've completed two chapters the first with the William Hartnell's doctor (the original and some will say the best, but not me). Its not by best work but not my worse (as I've only written two other stories that puts it in second place) its by necessity rather exposition heavy as it sets up the background. I think I got the Doctors manor down quite well but the foals are rather one note (Dinky is cute, Scootaloo is wild, Snails is quiet) but well its up to my readers to tell me what they think now.

The second is with Colin Baker's doctor (Some will say the worst, but not me). Again I don't feel it was as good as it could be but I think it was better than the first. Its more of a comedy and I think it has a little more characterisation in it although I think Carrot Top was rather bland and I didn't use Evelyn as much as I'd wanted to.

Anyway, at present I've got the general idea of three other chapters / Doctors at present: -

2nd Doctor: Doctor, Jamie meet original characters (Daring Doo?). A base under siege story with a polar research station under siege by Windigo.

3rd Doctor: Doctor, Jo, Trixie, Trixie's Grandfather, Luna (in disguise). The Doctor visits a magic show only for it to be interrupted by another magician talking about a curse. Trixie's Grandfather is attacked by a giant snake controlled by the other magician using the shard.

4th Doctor: Doctor, Leela, Rainbow Dash, Raindrops. Raindrops and Rainbow are on a weather team building exercise with a competition to catch a number of magical flying things (like snitches) one of which is the shard. Leela is a Griphon and the Doctor an earth pony so he spends much of the story finding different ways to keep up with the rest of the team.

5th Doctor: Doctor, Nyssa and Tegan meet Luna in her Night vision disguise. The Doctor ends up having to play her at hoofball while Nyssa (who is a flutterpony) is being hunted by some Bounty Hunters as a prize.

6th Doctor: Doctor and Evelyn (A companion from the Big Finish Audio range) meet Fluttershy, Rarity and Carrot Top. The brashest Doctor meets the shyest pony and she flees into the Everfree. The cast have to hunt her down before she gets hurt and the doctor may have to eat some humble pie (and drink carrot juice). This is the story I'm currently working on and hope to have released by the end of the month.

8th Doctor: Doctor and Izzy (A companion from the Dr Who magazine) meet Lyra and Bon Bon. The candy man (A villain from the Dr Who story the happiness patrol) arrives in Equestria and brainwashes Bon Bon into making him a new body while thinking that he's her foal.

9th Doctor: Doctor meets Celestia / Corona. Shortly after the doctor destroys the time lords he meets up with Celestia on the cusp of becoming Corona and the two discuss the things they've had to do and what history will think of them.

The story is open to other authors to add chapters if they have some idea's particularly the more recent doctors as I'm more of a classic fan really but given time I can probably come up with idea's for all of them.

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