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My review on... Wait a minute, didn't NC already reviewed this? · 4:31am Apr 13th, 2013

Hello, i'm Storiesatrandom, i remember it, so you don't have too. how many of you forgotten this movie until the Nostagila Critic reviewed it?

actselly, even i grown to almost forget this film until the critic reviewed it.

well, when he reviewed it, alot of us began to remember.... the issue is.... he seemed to criticised the HELL out of it! why? well, the review kinda covers the reasons.

basicly, alot of people were into this, alot of idea changes, alot of work, and eventually, it kinda fell flat into it's face. well, at least to those like the Critic. some of us have alot of fond memories with this film, reguardless of it, kinda being a mess. i mean yes, it DOES have alot of problems, alot of elements left unexplored, the main hero is a whiny annoying kid, some of the character's names are uninventive, and it can look surreal at times. surreal is only a minor word to this, this argueably the strangest kids film of all time, and considering of what i seen so far, (in terms of non-pony reviews)

we're into a wild ride folks. so, let's sleep right into, Little Nemo.


(yes, i know it was predicable of me to use an OBVIOUS joke for this movie by sure cowinsidences that both characters have the same convinent name. Get over it.).

we start off with, not very creative credits. i mean, it's just like Windows Movie Maker if it was from the 80s.

i mean, the song is nice, but what it's on is not really charming to look at.

we eventally go right into the bedroom of our main protaginest, Nemo Last name never reveiled or slightly mentioned. It happens to ALOT of Characters, their last names are almost NEVER reveiled.

the kid is seen..... fast asleep. Well. the movie wasted no time throwing us into the adventure part of the film, did it?

everything is mostly, realitively peaceful, when........

the bed moves.

The bed just, flouted out of his freaking room like it desided:
"Aw you know what? Fuck being in this room, I'm going to live my dream of being a starship!"

we see the bed going along as.....

wait a fucking minute. Does that owl look like, Owl from Winnie the pooh?

i didn't know he made a camio in a non-disney film. He is gonna have ALOT to explain too!

anyway, Our camio friend awakes Nemo and he sees he's bed is moving... and, he doesn't seem freaked out. just confused. the alley cat had a more realistic reaction. then, the kid begins to enjoy it.

and, as the critic pointed out, he often goes over-board with the "Yippies" and "Wowies." i know he's a kid, but what kid other then him talks like this? then again, this movie was made sometime in the 80s, Kids probuly said alot of weird things back then.

he flies into the air.... gee, i hope he doesn't ran over Peter Pan and the Kids.

suddenly, the world looks as if the 2012 was the year civilisation was gonna be destroyed, and, the kid surprisingly didn't realised it's like that. he looks down to see..... the aybiss..... and then the clock, that has the power to de-power his flying bed!

the clock forces him and the bed down!

How, the story got dark in the matter of minutes!

we found out the aybiss is actselly water. Well, it's a dream, so it has the right to be strange.

but the physics are fucked, he still falls fast and is able to scream in water. Oh what is he, Spongebob?

also, his lips don't seem to match the screams.

and once again, mindfuck.

as if the train from hell wasn't enough, i mean, it's like Freddy Kruger is fucking around with him! in fact, i think the critic made a joke about that!

anyway, after he got fucked over by Tomas the Hell engine, he wakes up. (spoiler: he does this 3 more times into the film.)

we never get to know more about this dream more, and it's not explain again...

yeah, i can understand why this didn't work well with the critic.

after the title-



You got to admit, this movie does get to the point!

The circus is in town (the town of "Don't have a name of an undisclosed state" that is) and alcourse, Nemo is excited, as well as..........

Oh seriously? ANOTHER SQUIRLL IN CLOTHES?! I mean, i can understand Sandy Cheek from spongebob, cause Humans are rarely involved, but, in a film that is human centric, a clothed animal almost has no place in here! I mean, you have a fansity world dominated by recolored versons of the people seen in the circus parade, and yet, a squirl in a hat is considered realistic? and i thought the thanksgiving that almost wasn't was very squirl obessed!

Anyway, his name is Ickirous, after the greek moron who flew into the sun, and that nintendo character with the stupidest enemies to date!

Icarus is appearently this speech inpairmental flying squirl that pals around with Nemo, and shares his interest with the circus.
to be fair, everyone loves the circus....

unless if it's like Professor Screw-Eyes's circus from "We're Back: A dinosaur's story"

the way that guy runs things is fucked up.

anyway, after liking what he sees, he goes to ask his parents to take him, only for them to say they'll do it tomorrow, to his disappointment. to be fair, kids HATE waiting. I know i don't like it when in my school, burger king thursdays takes it's sweet time, and there's times it ends up not happening at all.

after a zoom-in of his house, we see our kid again, we then see, he's sleep-waking. well, i seen this film before in my past, and the critic also reveiled that he doesn't have a legitamate mental illness or psycois for sleep-waking, he's just pretending so he can snag pie! makes you wonder if this was Soarin the wonderbolt's childhood. in fact, he might clearly still be obessed with pie!

makes you wonder what potainol this kid is gonna be in the future with that pie obession!

but alcourse, Mom buzzkill his pieness!

Nemo makes a run for it, making the weirdest sounds ever, and, the mother doesn't seem to come after him.

and, that's kinda the scene in general. there's no continuing or aftermath of the scene, that's all we're gonna get of the pie caper.

wow, what a big lipped aligater moment.

i mean honestly, that scene didn't had a point aside from showing us what Soarin's childhood was like in Human vision.

we then see him asleep again, when-

wait, is that a light?


Oh no, his town, whatever it's called, is being invaded by aliens!

No, it's not aliens, he's dreaming again, as we see, as i forewarned, recolored versons of the people from the carnival, lead by a re-color of the guy playing he piano in the parade named Prof. Genius.

Wow, i'll side with the critic on this one, that is not inventive name choose for a character. I mean, it looks creative, but at the same time, it's somewhat no proper for a human to be named like that. I can understand a Pony in Equestia being called Professor Genius or any name like that because, well, it's not known for them to have normal human names, Trixie being a Rarity to the rule. (get it?)

and he shows us to Bon Bon.

Bon Bon: "That is not me!"

Ok, let me correct this, he shows us to a clown kid named Bon Bon. the thing is here, i don't think he is seen again as the dangerious adventure begins, so, he's incredabiliy pointless in this film.

anyway, Prof. Genius said that they are sent here by King Morhfius.

seriously? the black dude from the matrix?
gee, no wonder the critic joked about this moment!

No, actselly, this is a differnet Morhficus, but, wow, isn't that name simular or what?

They're here because the King requested his pressence here to be the new playmate of Princess Cameal.

he asked if this Princess is a girl........

Uh yes, there's a chance Cameal is a girl. I mean, do these disney princess look like they have balls to you?!

Genius and the name thief were confused to the fact why he asked such an obvious question, but Nemo points out she's still a girl. Yeah, a girl with a powerful father in magic powers and policical ones, he can deside to have you decapitated!

Nemo also points out he has no idea what Slumberland is. Irreguardless, they gave him a present that was a gift from the princess, and that it was filled with baked goods. Wow, baked goods are the centered food of attention in this movie. That's like Spongebob with Krabby Patties, Scooby doo with Scooby-snacks, Sonic with....

Ok, why chillidogs? i mean, what do real Hedgehogs eat that was so disgusting that they replaced whatever it was with hotdogs with spices on them?
but i'm off the subject.

Nemo enjoys his cookies like a crack addit enjoys crack, and Prof. Genius said the king also sent a deruable. what is that?

Oh, it's actselly a kind of zapplelion.

Ok, honestly, how does that thing, NOT wake up the whole neightberhood? It has a shitload of lights and it's possablity loud as fuck! if this was abit more realistic, the police would already be all-over these people and they would be forced to answer ALOT of questions.

after he leaves a (not) very well thought out note, he goes on the zapplion (Ok seriously, how does that think NOT wake up an entire neighberhood?!) as Nemo gets excited and doesn't mean he's tecnecly getting abducted! he is given the tour into the getaway vicitcle, even to the most restricted or so be restricted part, the wheel room. the captain even allows Nemo to take the wheel.


Yeah, the Critic explained on how THAT'S a bad idea.

and alchorse, it does lead to trouble, if not the Hindenburg kind! the kid flies like an asshole!

suddenly, they're attacked by the Rhino from James and the Giant peach!


(Note to self, give James and the Giant Peach a look at if findable on Youtube.)

eventally, they escaped the "Nightmare" and head torwords slumberland, and, the critic does have a point, it is your run-of-the-mill kids fanisty paradise. the place is also ONE freaky circus town! i mean, honestly, and there's also giant birds here and air balloons! it's an invadsion of over-the-topness!

man this is surreal as fucked!

and then we see the trouble-maker of the movie, a recolored verson of the clown from earlier in the parade in the movie, a total green colored wise-guy pranks puller named Flip, riding on a big ass crow!

after we briefly seen the appearent outcast, the zapplelion lands, and we waste no time as we are in the throwneroom!

and we see......


he's not even here.

Oh really, he stood up the guy he wanted to meet?! You don't see Celestia doing something like this! and when she didn't appear to something in the first episode, at least it was because Nightmare Moon kidnapped her!

Well, that Flip guy appeared again, and he has a chat with Nemo, offering him to find the king. We does us a favor and shut that annoying squirl up! I'm sorry, but i just hate the voice of this critter, at least Jermame from the thanksgiving that almost wasn't was pleasent to listen to, even if the idea that he can talk to humans made no stinken sense!

Nemo asks of he knows where the king is, and Flip inisisted on it.

Flip is appearently a map dealer of every single place in Slumberland and beyond. Oh boy, Slumberland's in trouble if he's captured by terrorests.

anyway, they went on out, and Flip reveils a secret passage way that leads too-


rejected scenes from wonderland.

Well, i guess they had to go somewhere.

sometime later after more MINDFUCK!,


we appear in... a toyroom?

then we found out, the King is a look-a-like of a Santa claus clone of that Ringmaster in the parade, and that he's also a kid at heart. The kid that has magical and poloicitcal powers over all of Slumberland.

after helping him repair his toy train, The King (who is surprisingly ok that the kid is in his private room) and a few, awkword scenes that followed, and more MINDFUCK!


After a silly crash, the King gets down to business, and desides that Nemo becomes the sole heir.

here's the thing. He has a daughter, a princess mind you, and his blood realitive MIND YOU AGAIN, and he wants some kid who's pet is a speech broken furry rat and has a bakery fetish to become the next king of Slumberland. My god, what's wrong with a Queen of Slumberland? I mean, why can't he go with the idea that soon, there's gonna be a quee- it's because of Disney isn't it?

it's not just disney, take a look at this?!


now, i may love Disney, but because of them almost every queen character is a villain, and good queens are in pitifully rare supplies, and that when a female ruler takes over, they're called, "Princesses". I can understand that girls wanna be princesses and not queens, but seriously, not all queens are steriotypical greedy usupers or tyrants, why, the queen of far far away is actselly a good queen. i'm sorry if i'm off topic, but the whole "Princesses are good and queens are evil" biz played a rule in criticesing Princess Celestia, and the fact Hasbro made her a princess instead of queen!

but, what eases my tentions for that is when i saw this Nostagila Critic video about Princesses.

anyway, i stalled long enough, anyway, dispite having a daughter, the king wants Nemo to become the next guy to rule Slumberland, as he gives him a golden key that, basicly gives him full power of the entire world, exsect this one door with the symbol with the dragon on it that contains a great horror that king makes him promise but-

he's gonna end up breaking the promise later down the road.

The king has Prof. Genius to meet the princess.

we then meet Princess Cameal.

and other then looking like that girl from the circus parade, she turns out to be.....

yeah. a bitch, cause she criticised his pajamas. I'll give her points for insulting that rat though.

The kid risks getting deheaded by yelling at Cameal.

and, she doesn't seem bothered by this. in fact, she calls him cute, and he forgets he's pissed at her.

after more awkword memnets and rodent related druma, She invites Nemo on a cart controled by.... goats.

what? Is she like Trixie perchance?

anyway, it seems this movie is about to enter another song!

they enjoy themselfs as the song plays out, and i can understand somewhat why the critic was bothered by this. It doesn't serve a porpose to the plot other then to show they have a blast here!

afterwords, they escape the sudden rainstorm, as we see a random animal march!

we catch up to the kids again as they are.....

oh good god.

uh, i'm skipping this.

they kids fully clothed return from their frolicing, as the Professor informs Nemo that he has to be schooled.

and like every kid, he hates shcool.

But Genius insist he has to learn to be a prince if he's gonna be one.

I wonder if Twilight has to go through the exact same stuff, which her being an Alicorn and a princess now.

Well, if so, it's possably just as hectec as this movie's way of learning!

wow, that's alot of staff for one kid.

Oh crap, another song?

wow, this song is not only a big lipped aligater moment-


After our yet another visit into randomness is done, Flip comes back, and offers a much more better kind of pirnce: one of mischief.
He gives Nemo his hat, and his coat, and takes him along for the ride, a wild ride involved making jackasses out of the cops, and spoiling everyone's fun.
Wow, and i thought Discord was a trolling doughe.

alchorse, the two idiots get trapped, and they make a run for it! they escape the cops, and find themselfs in a cave.
the cave leads to... alchorse. the door he is not suppose to open.
and alchorse, Flip kohersed him to open it.
the door opens, and it reveils.....

A demon verson of the blob.

the dark ooze begins to break out, the idiots make a run for it!

we suddenly forgot about that as we look at people heading torwords the corrination. interesting that instead of, you know, horses, they have other forms of animals as carrage pullers. it's like a world disigned by Dr. Suess.

the castle, while, impressive for, basicly every generic good castle, feels more like a circus (ironicly these people are based on a circus) and then we see Genius worrying, the king now in his king cape, and dresses like a gladiator for some reason. i mean, who does he think he is, Sparticus?

anyway, Flip drops off Nemo, Genius scolds him for being late and not dressing princely, and Nemo is made to partake without a chance to get a word in edgewise!

Flip sneaks in thanks to the guards being idiots, as Nemo is introdused into the palace and the good people of Slumberland.
the king explains that as soon to be king, it'll be up to him to protact slumberland from our main villain, the nightmare king as how he did. He shows us the royal speter, their sole defence against the Nightmare King, will be given to the kid.

he then shows an admitingly epic display of magic!

wow, that is epic! we really could've used him against Chrysalis!

he also said that the septer can only be used by him and Nemo.

Oh, so it has nothing to do with Gender discrimination or dispowerment, it's because, i guess, Cameal can't use the thing. Somehow, that's still somewhat Sex discrimination because it's only dudes that can use that thing!

alchorse, it's not ENTIRELY given to him, it's until he's wise and old enough. TYPICAL!

he does get a nice crown though.

He mentions the golden key, in which he remembered HE LEFT IT BEGHIND! oh, and here's the crazy part. The crazy dancing!

we might as well play this song everytime a mindfuck comes around, for this one esspiecally, cause it gets crazier!

dispite Nemo's best attempts, the ooze grabs the king, and............ Wow. this is the most fucked up way to go since....

and even more screwed up then-

or even more so then How Rusputin went out.

(Sorry the quility sucks, it's fox film, because they then to not share their stuff easily.)

and don't even get me STARTED ON FACILIER?!

i make my point. I know the king isn't a villain, but man, this kind of stuff in kids movies is nightmare fuel!

Nemo tries to help, but the blob is too powerful... or simply because he's a kid and all that fucking blob has to do is slap him away like a bitch!

ladies and gentlemen. may i present, the facepalm oricstra of fail.

That was, the facepalm oricstra of fail.

the Blob litterly went out with a bang, taking the king with it!

under the threat of prosicution, Flip rats out Nemo, and, everyone is actselly shocked.

finally, a realistic reaction!

as people about to gang-rape him, he wakes up!

actselly. remember when i said this does about about 4 times?

(his house gets flooded!)


Gees, i hope his parents got flood insurence.

Nemo finds himself stranded in...... an ocean. no ocean in particular, just, an ocean.

gee, he better hope he doesn't end up like the people in......

Every shark movie ever made.

he gets a freaky vision of the King, and that's it.

that was pointless.

They found Prof. Genius, who doesn't seem to mind the kid screwed everything up.

He reveils that the King is trapped in nightmare land.

Nemo blames himself, but Genius insists it's Flips fault, but Nemo was the one who added in the key, so it's up to Nemo to correct this.

Nemo reveils the secpter, and now they have a chance... kinda.

They just need to save Flip from being punsihed by.... BEING SHOT FROM A FRIGGEN CANNON?!

no, no, no please! don't make me reference-


i'm sorry, this movie made me reference that, i am gonna take a brief break from this.

( brief, entire week break later.)

Oh god, i hated myself being forced to reference that meme, and that STUPID cartoon no less, because of this ONE moment in the movie!

(sighs), time to finally get this pig on the road.

As Flip was about to be mooned via cannon, Nemo stopped the thing, because Flip is needed for the plot because he has a map to Nightmareland, and man, was it stopped in a craziest way possabe! Hey, they look circus people, so it makes sense.

Nemo demands Flip to hand over the map, to find out it a makeshift, and only HE would understand the map. So Nemo forces him to tag along, under threat of being cannoned.

Flip agrees only if he gets to be captain, cause, well, it's his fucking map. and he gets pwned.

She gets pissy with him, and forces him to smoke no more cigars.

and, here's where i agree with the critic with what the story is doing.

Instead of sending over ALL OF THOSE GUARDS AND SOLDIERS, the people heading over to nightmareland is a princess, a kid, a flying squirl, a known jackass, and a Professor. why them and not soldiers? Isn't the nightmare king a serious threat? isn't he to be taken seriously? if the Nightmare King such an evil threat, why just them and not the soldiers? isn't that what they're here for? you clearly have a milliterry system but you choose to endanger your kingdom EVEN more then already by doing this yourself! i mean, i can get you don't wanna enforce the negitive princess steriotype that you let others slove problems and that your just here to be cute, but, there's gonna be times where leaving your kingdom might not be advisable, exspiecally when your father is gone, there is a powerful monster threat, your kingdom is a mess, and that your people may need the confert of their only ruler to ever recover from the dishaster! You have a milliterry! you have brave soldiers! they might be well-trained! they are just what you need in this crisis! but instead, you choose to be stupid! i mean, i know this movie focuses on the kid and that he's the protagenest and that Cameal is the love interest but, you need to be smart about this! Celestia has a reason why she doesn't go out of her way, and stop almost every threat coming to equestia! ok, alot of reasons, but the biggest one is that she can't control the elements of harmony anymore! i mean, if given the oppertunity like in the wedding episode, she will face the threat head on, but in other episodes, she knows other threats cannot be beating by her personally, so she solves this by granting the elements to Twilight and her friends! Equestia is already protacted for good with them around! but here you are, risking your own life and the future of your kingdom, as well as child/professor/jackass/animal endagerment against a villain that will surely be 100000 steps ahead of you!

after a few obvious and poirly placed captain jokes, and a conversation about the King, and Flip being an asshole, and Cameal bitching out again, and a pointless scene, they come across a fog.

they wake up as they see they're caught in a storm!

oh shit, whirlpool!

suddenly, they get spitted out and-


Somehow, in logic not even the Riddler can figure out, they get sucked into the water only to be spat out in the sky and heading to Nightmareland!

oh my god, whatthehellisgoingonherelogicisdeadnownothingismakingsenseand-

sorry about that.

anyway, after the most stupidest way to get to nightmare land ever, they realised they're in nightmareland.... you mean, it's a jungleish swamp of some sort.

i was expecting nightmareland to be more like this

or this

or this

or this

or this

or even if it looks like hell

or like in the sonic movie, a apolitic setting

but instead, Nightmareland is...... a jungle-like swamp.

oh, do they have to fight hillbillys?


although actsely, alagators are enemies in the Little Nemo game i think

oh, don't even get me started on Muskettos!

they mostly just stand around for a bid then..... the princess gets attacked by rejected art designs of the creature of the dark lagoon.
and the critic criticised this part.

(you might wanna skip a few seconds into this)

turns out, those critters are goblins.....

wait, i thought goblins are like this:

these ugly small tribe creatures that are popular as evil minions, particularly in RPGs.
interestingly, and appearently,
Goblins funtion differently here. They actselly range from Creature of the black lagoon rip-offs to Giant bat people (of which we will encounter later). i think in the comic, there was also this, ape-fish goblin that rides a horse-like creature that kidnaps nemo,

but i'm assuming it was never introduse, didn't made the final cut, or the victim of the many production problems in this film.

anyway, they do get to help her, and get into a brief tug-o-war until just the mere sight of the fucking secpter scares them off!

(sorry for bad quility. Agian, Fox has sharing issues. I assume a better one must've been removed by now.)

after being rid of those jerks, Flip discovers that his map is ruined, and keeps it to himself. they move on as.......

The Giant Manta Ray creature from Futurama?

ok, ok. I am WELL familier with animals being evilised in media before.


Turtles are evilised in Mario,

the rescusers evilised alligators

Dovermens have been evilised in at least two movies in the disney line-up,

and in movies that feature mice or birds, alcorse cats have to be evilised to my displeasure.

but in this movie, the evilised creature, is a Manta ray.

Mantas are not even hostle creatures (to humans). they're just, flat looking fish.
now, if it was a stingray, i can agree, but, a manta?

Ok, i get manray

but only because he's a parody of old 50s comic book villains that often have animal-like themes.
in this movie, It's just, a giant flying manta ray! we get no explanation why a Giant Manta ray is considered evil, we don't know if Nemo was trumitised by a creature like this, we don't get shit. all we know, is that that Manta means trouble later on.

It's also weird on how shark-like it is.

in the swamp jungle, the bitch complains, Nemo and Flip talk about goblins, and we see the strange woods in here.

Flip was asked about the castle of the Nightmare King, and and Flip went off for some privatecy to avoid being found out.

in doing so, He tries to redraw the map, suddenly, hands began to step him in the right direction, and after a familier gag rotine, Flip shits himself of the abomination before him!

we then see..... the good goblins.

and then..... this happens.

(Go past a few minutes.)

after that awful sound, the Goblins rat out Flip for the stinker he is, and then.......

the critic criticised this too. (a few more minutes)

the group but Flip accepts the good goblins in and their quest continues.

my god these guys are strange.

i mean, honestly.

we now see that it's dark now, as the group begins to rest up now. Flip has gotten tired of their BS and went out of his way to sleep ferther from them.

suddenly, the bat goblins i mention appeared!

(and we're back to this again.)

after a brief fight kinda like Wizard of Oz, Nemo was able to get them off his back with the specter, and after a repeat of that, he woke up again!
jesus, it's like inception!

he is still dreaming, and even the good goblins appeared with a late addition to help him out just in time for the final show down!
after a few moments of time wasting, they eventally do go on!

while Nemo gets annoyed by the goblins and that damn squirl, as they go through a black hole.

they return to Nightmareland, and go through some obsicles, dark ooze included!

we see the nightmare king's castle, and, it's atad more then what i was expecting.

they were spotted by the Giant Manta again, who went to warn Nightmare king!

a forcefield was proven to be a brief ploblem, but eventally found another way.

in the Nightmare King's thrownroom (that looks like something out of Lion King but with demons.)

(You know the drill.)

We see the Nightmare King at last, and i do agree with the critic. He looks like the love child of Chernibog and a jacklope.

at least, what can be tell from the imagey. I can barely see him, most of the time, he's fairly obscured.

a bearded Bat goblin said he and his friends have killed off Nemo and destroyed the specter, and Slumberland is all his, and he does a Nazi pose and even said: "HAIL TO THE NIGHTMARE!"

I didn't know Nightmares and Nazisum are one of the same.

the Nightmare King awards the guy with a badge. but then comes the Manta Ray.... and, that's when everything will go to shit for the goblins.

Somehow, the Nightmare King understood the Manta's warning, and gets angry at his minions incomidences. In fact, accused them for betrayal! if that's not bad enough for them, he sucks them in like a demonic kirby!


Seriously? you consumed your only defence against Nemo and some annoying sidekicks?

this also gets Nemo and the gang into his thrownroom!

he may be a cool looking villain, but he's also the victim of extreme dumbass mistakes, and the writing does not help him there!

our heroes found what looks like inprisonment tubes, and then are confronted by the dumbass king.

he begins to fuck around with them.

they avoid graby attempts!

they went to eventally find the good goblins hiddy hole, and the Nightmare King begins to rant.

The NK offers to let him and his friends leave in exchange to surrender the the specter. he gets pissed when he got no answer, and he shows the imprisoned other characters, as well as the king.

Nemo comes out and faces the king, but then that fucking Manta attacks!

the squirl and the good goblins went to save him, and then the specter kills the manta!

wow, and i thought the way Sombra died was grapthic.

the Nightmare King, in a total babying mocking voice (the critic made fun of that too, but i am not bothering with that anymore at this point.) to endear Nemo, but all that does is piss him off!

ok, now he's being a doughbag.

he got what he deserves when Nemo trashed his hand!
This Pisses off the nightmare King and he goes bizker mode!

The Nightmare King begins to go kirby again to doom Nemo and Friends!

there was a big epic struggle, but Nemo gave the blast that destroys the Nightmare king for good!

and, everything becomes..... less evil.

everyone is freed and ok, but it looks as if Nemo may had been lost.

but alchorse, the King comes in, saves Nemo's life, we gte the traditional happy ending, and nemo gets to go to the circus after all.

and that was it. Wow. just wow.

No wonder the critic gave this a bad review. but for what it's worth, it did has decent animation, it's faults are just a messy result of an unbalenced production behind it. alot of the characters are also the problem with this movie, the protaginest is an idiot, the sidekicks are no better, the villain is a dumbass and came rather too late, and everything about the worlds is not very well explained or on how they work. but to be fair, it is a nice movie for it's animation, and it is a kid's film, but as the critic would always point out, just because it's a kids film doesn't mean it can't have a well designed plot and story, if you have the effort and time, anything, even kids films can be a masterpiece delight for all ages.
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