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  • 391 weeks
    ..How Long Has it Been?!?!

    Hey everyone! Uh...I haven't been on for a WHILE, and I feel really bad because I have the final rendition of Our Inner Ponies to finish, and everyone probably thinks its on hiatus or something, when in reality...school's been...eh. Sorry bout that. But it's the weekend, so I probably have some time to at least get another chapter or two in for the final story of the Our Inner Ponies series

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  • 397 weeks

    The day for hugs and kisses has finally come!

    All you bronies out there, I hope you receive lots of luv today!

    ~Hugs and Kisses


    A Pinky Valentine

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  • 397 weeks
    No School = More Stories

    So I guess living where I live can be a blessing and a curse. Today, it's a blessing since my county was a little skittish about the fact that icy conditions on the road would interfere with the school buses, so no school today! Yay!! This gives me plenty of time to wrap up Our Inner Ponies 4: Final Chapter.

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  • 410 weeks
    Pray Please

    "I never knew him very well, but I still feel miserable about the crisis I heard about. All day long, I've been in and out of tears, and it's been hurting every part of my body since I cannot get the full-scale sobs out. I just hope everyone gets the least bit of happiness in their system over the weekend."

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  • 410 weeks
    My Birthay Gift to You Guys

    So I just messaged someone who accepts or declines the stories for FIMFiction, and they were a great help with my summary for the (hopefully) final addition to my "Our Inner Ponies" stories. I'm going to see if it'll get accepted again, and this is kind of my belated birthday present to you guys since I kept saying, "Oh, the story's gonna be published," "Today, published, I swear."

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Spring Break w/Lots of Rest! · 4:14pm Apr 9th, 2013

Hey pony folks! NYQUTIE talkin'. Since spring break started a few days ago, I've finally decided to use my break to FINALLY write a new piece. It's like the sequel to Party Pooper: Sad & Romance. At least, I hope it'll be sad and romantic enough for ya'll. Some will criticize, others might love (again, I hope). Well, that's all.

Until Next Time!

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1002928 it's been a while. how are you?:pinkiegasp::twilightsmile:

1002947 Oh, I'm fine. I keep waking up at 11 am, cause I always stay up 'till 2 am. Me and my mom ordered food and we watched Paranormal Activity 3 (EARLIER!). We watched Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs while we ate. It's a funny movie. :rainbowlaugh: But Paranormal Activity 3...JESUS!:rainbowderp::rainbowderp::applejackconfused:

How are you, though?:twilightsmile:

1003746 on Monday i went on a Field trip to Philadephia (this where i went to visit)

and today i spent hours training some Pokemon for competative use. (pain in the Flank:twilightangry2:)

1005280 Coolio.
Soo....um, how's that story of yours? I really like the first chapter. :twilightsmile::twilightsmile::pinkiesmile:

1006207 i wrote 300 something words for the 2nd chapter, but i think i can't finish it until Summer vacation. this is because i'm in 11th grade and i have to take alot of Regents test and i have to also take an SAT exam. but i sware that in the summer i will write my fingers off. (trust me every night i dream of the thing i want to add, and in the following morning i jot it down.):twilightsmile::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

1007320 Well that's good; jotting some ideas! :twilightsmile: And take all the time you need! Your story's gonna be AWESOME! I can tell! :pinkiesmile::pinkiesmile:

1010559 i'm going to Philly again tomorrow, another school trip. woooooohoooooo!!!:raritystarry::pinkiehappy::raritystarry::pinkiehappy::eeyup::yay:

1011191 i hope there's wi-fi on the bus, so that i can still do my anylsis (pokemon anylsis)(internet would make it easier, i don't trust my math skills much)

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