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  • 460 weeks
    New Fanart

    So, I ended up getting surprised with some fanart a while ago and never posted it up. Turns out a couple of my characters are popular and someone did porn of Steelgraft and a pinup of Gangrene. I'm unsure of where I can post those or if I'm even allowed to post it here...So, I'm just going to err on the side of caution. There's one NSFW link here, it is the last link and is clearly marked.

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  • 482 weeks
    New Artwork!

    New Artwork from the amazing Inkwell!

    Three Red Balloons--Chibi Steelgraft

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  • 483 weeks
    Fixing Up Some Things

    Chapter 11 is ALMOST done!

    But other than that, I'm going through all my old chapters and compiling a character Tracker to put at the end of each one!

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  • 486 weeks
    Well, August 14th!

    Today is a day that normally passes in complete and udder obscurity--My birthday.

    Sure, a few people wish me happy birthday and whatnot, but the last time I did something big, something horrible happened--So I abstain from my birthday usually. Today was decent, though I slept most of it.

    I released a small mini-chapter that was fun and silly, but still building on the story.

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  • 504 weeks
    New Update! --Gangrene Bio--

    Here's the progress on Gangrene's character Card!
    This lovely mare!

    Tell me whatcha think.

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Character sheet update! · 5:41am Apr 4th, 2013

Nessia Finished the first character sheet! Here it is~

Nessy's Tumblr

And the Hirez version so you can actually read!
SteelGraft's Character Sheet

You should totally commission Nessy...you know, after I'm done throwing money at her.

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Comments ( 9 )

Sexy. That' awesome! :moustache:


You think Steelgraft's sexy? God, you're just like Key!

Hah, glad you approve. Next Sheet is Gangrene!

979928 I was actually referring to that awesome interface, but whatever. :derpytongue2: Steelgraft still looks better than Xerophyte.


I'm thinking that if I ever decide to post Xero's character sheet, I'd have to shorten it up a lot. In the .gdocs, at size 9 font, it takes up 5 pages. Of course, this includes current 'unique' gear (Manticore PipBuck, Tweety, broken stealth cloak, Anger and Malice, etc...) and perks, along with a description of each one. I also have his entire SPECIAL and skills marked out. But that's for writing purposes.


You mean the character information interface? It's from FO1 and I remade it all nice for the character sheet. I have the template if you'd like it.

Also, plot armor! LITERAL.

Get a Skype so we can talk easier.



But that requires me to actually do stuff... :raritydespair:

ha! as I was downloading skype, I noticed a lot of boxes I had to uncheck. Make Bing my browser? Nope. Got Chrome and I know how to use it. Make MSN your home page? lolno. Just... no.

Yeah, lets just give a step by step dissertation of you installing Skype! That's relevant.

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