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    So do you like the new picture of me?

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  • 435 weeks
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    Well it's been interesting. NightMare Moon orders us to kill anything that gets in her way. Grove has finally healed.

    We had some problems with a Few Relo. But that's taken care of. Why can't they be good little worms and do what there told?

    It also appears Aizen is trying to rule the world with FUNK. * sighs * I hate the 70s.

    I need a vacation.

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? · 11:04pm Apr 2nd, 2013

So do you like the new picture of me?

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NightShade, I can answer that question for myself, in a single way. you might not like what I do, but, given your new picture, I can't help myself. *hugs* YES! LOVE IT!!!

as professional as I possibly can say it, yes Ma'am.

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