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Good day to you! I am a teenage writer who spends WAY too much time on the PC. I am a lone, nocturnal, British brony. I write and I love it!

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    As I write this now, I have a new chapter of Aliens: Consuming Equestria open and I intend to finish it. Also, I will doing lots of chapters after that as well, but unlike before, I will not be releasing them on a continuous basis. I have a long summer holiday ahead of me and this is the period of time in which I intend to finish the whole thing. I will then release chapters of a series of days,

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    Already I have made good on my promise. That's two chapters in two days, though I don't think we can expect any more before the 6th, which is when my holiday ends.

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    It's that time of year again, and I hope everyone is having a blast today. Everything's going smoothly here and everyone's happy about the feast we are about to devour. So, Merry Christmas everyone!

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    I actually like the whole concept, simply because I wouldn't go through with it and would stay on Earth and be a loner. I would absolutely relish the freedom of being able to do anything without much concequence. Of course, I would miss my family and would swear revenge on Celestia for wrecking humanity. That is when my dream weapon 'Bella' (war in latin) comes into play. It is a double chained,

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Daniel's Rambling Rants No. 1: Dota 2 · 8:40pm Apr 2nd, 2013

So I was just playing Dota 2 with my friend Steven. Now, note that I really do not like games like Dota, WoW, LoL. I will give reasons for this. I don't mind the gameplay, it's absolutely fine at most times. I admit that sometimes the gameplay does annoy me because it is slightly repetitive. Just clicking on towers getting in your way and 'creeps' who just stand there and somehow kill you at the most annoying of times. But it isn't the gameplay that annoys me. In the game I had gone on with Steven, one of his friends was there. This is when the annoyance comes in. His friend is extremely competitive on this game. He also has a friend who is rather competitive. Because I haven't played Dota much online, I am still only a 'level 1' user. The levels may as well be a sign saying how much a higher level person respects you, because as soon as we start the game, Steven's friend's friend starts moaning at me. So does another random person who is only there to make up a five man team. The message they are basically trying to put across is, "Hey ya'll. Stop killing enemies so we can kill more even though we are already a higher level than you. We want all of the money for upgrades n' shit so we can destroy the enemy with our whingyness. So why don't ya'll just sit back here and wait to die whilst we get ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING and shun you for being a little low-level idiot." This began to annoy me. Of course, I ignored them. Then, the true annoyance begins to show. Soon, this other random person is calling me and my friend retards. What is he doing? He is sitting in the bottom lane dying every five seconds and claiming to be 'Playing properly'. Of course he didn't say that, but that was the message he was trying to get across. That he was doing it right and we were stupid assholes. Eventually, I decide to help my friend who is struggling in the top lane with a dangerously overpowered character who can spilt into different people and control all of them. Each of these copies has near enough the same stats as him and they kick ass. I am obsessed with killing this guy and pushing forward, but OH NO! Apparently, that isn't what's supposed to happen. Instead, I am accused of 'Feeding'. A disgusting act which is basically allowing yourself to be killed so the enemy can get higher levels. It is worth noting that you have two seperate levels. One which is basically an overall level which you can level up as you play. The other is one that only applies in-game and allows you to have more powerful upgrades to your character. Feeding is allowing the enemy player to level up in the latter. I WAS NOT FEEDING! This random guy actually went as far as trying to report me for feeding. I rage-quitted. I'll admit it. But it wasn't because of the game. It was because of the bleeding community which immediately decides "Oh, an MOBA game? I must be a fucking asshole who forgets all that is human and dedicate my life to this fucking game." Screw those people! I hate people who immediately decide that everything is a competition, and that as soon as someone who is a lower level comes along, they can boss them around and call them a faggot. I found a most appropriate image to describe these types of people.

I wouldn't be surprised if they were bullied at school. They are the most immature people in the world. There are sometimes when I feel thankful that we are in this era of gaming. At other times, I want to viciously murder every gamer in the world. This is one of those latter moments. But it's okay. I luckily have games that have a good community and I am part of a community that has good, honest people in it. That is the brony community. I rarely see people who dick around and take the piss out of people in the brony community. If you have, then I am sorry for your misfortune, I really am. I don't think anyone should ever be the victim of some cocky asshole in games or forums. I still have a good outlook on humanity, but there are some right fuckers in this world. I am not referring directly to anyone who might read this, but if this sounds like you. Go fuck yourself.

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Played DOTA 2 online for 2 hours when I got the beta........the people were so terrible I never went back.

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