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    Marry X-miss to all a toast to your good health!

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  • 109 weeks
    story plan

    ok so for those who are wondering. I'm alive but having trouble getting thoughts on paper as it was. But my story plans are as fallows.

    Finish Trixie And the dark moon it will be the cloest to to reaching primary story end after that I will be open to do token fun and normal displacement shit in it.

    Pirates tail.. will be finished as it is shorter.


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    Oct 1st was my birth day

    Yay another year older...… :ajbemused: I feel my age already.

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    To frineds i had a argument with

    To the two ponies that had a argument with one of you is trying to pm me while still having me blocked if you read this and have pmed me and are wondering why I haven't answered try checking if you have me blocked still. To the other pony who blocked me and refuses to try and do the right thing and talk things out I don't know what I did to make you mad and block me and have no way to ask you to

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  • 233 weeks
    Sonata, Adgaio, and Aria as Gaurdians

    So my idea so far
    Sonatas Hunter

    Aria Titan

    Adagio Warlock

    What you think

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Story plans and what may come · 5:47am Mar 29th, 2013

CMC Ghoustbuster!
-this story will star the full 4 pony team of the cmc and cause it be funny Trixie as well. In spired by the idea of the CMC with photon packs...... Luna help us for what will come...

My Little Zeon Ace
-This is to be a human in Equestria cross with the Gundam UC time lie douring the one year war... (ponys will be antro in this one.)

Dynasty Pony
-This story has the Greatest warry of all time LuBu and his beloved Daio Chan (the most beutyful and talinted singer/mustion in china) wake up as ponies in everfree farest and must now adjust to new forms life and stand the line and save equestria when thing go wrong. Danasty warriors crossover.

Pony Orochi
- This one is about a man caled Lord Dragon and his forces aiding DaJi in reunighting with here love Orochi but be hind the sceens Lord Dragon is useing the fox spiret to further his oun golas and Equestria will never be the same for it. (this will have forced anthrozation and lots of death and blood shead)

Darkstalker/street fighter Pony
- this is just alight harted adventrue story that has 3 of the girls from darkstalker and 2 maybe 3 of the SF girls sumoned to defend equestria and find the lost power of the rainbow of light. but sumons have a price to e paid and the mane six plus trixie find this out the hard way as preforming the spell leaves them changed foever! (anthroiztion and clop planed.)

Halo Pony
- 2 sparten 3 and aspaten 2 along with 2 female sanghily renagade pirets a grunt 2 odst and 5 marines find them selfs in equestria and faceing a covent super carrier. Now they must protect the ponys try to getalong and solve the mistery of forruners on this world with out killing eachother or die trying.

Jade and Silk growing up alicorn in ponyville.
-the twin daughters of The pegagus Redwing Crimsonmoon And the alicorn of zeal Starlight Runner ruler of the empire of Naihpon, Jade Saber and Silk Sword are sent to stay with princess Twilight in her home the librium of equestria in ponyville. (tree libray got supper sized by magic.) Now they must live in a farin land with difrent customes and rules and go to school along side the cmc and other foals in ponyvile. While trying to find there cutie marks and keep from geting in truble or killing dimond tiera or silver spoon..... or figure out how to do it with out giting caught.

Redwing Crimsonmoon Shadowes of the past and falling stars.
- this tells the story of Redwing Crimson.oon and Starlight Runner ass well as the orgain of the elements of harmony the rise of king somba the birth of the apple clan why star swirl wore bells why discord has one fang the the fall of luna and how the 2 greatest generals in equestria left to found Naighpon empirer. All told by Redwing him self as he and the element beares set under lunas night watching a meteor shower. Owarning lots of cellestia bashing and specultion also bad jokes.)

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