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  • 468 weeks
    Where I've been and what I've been doing.

    Hey guys, it's Roadpony once more, here with yet another blogpost.

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  • 489 weeks
    An admittance...

    I've not been working on Cutie Marks of Chaos. I've been too busy and lazy. And stressed. And lacking interest.
    I got a new job recently, but it's not paying just yet. I have classes that I don't even pay attention in...

    I'm just a guy who can't keep a promise to his fans...

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  • 500 weeks
    Appologies to CMoC fans...

    Hey guys, sorry I've not been around a lot. God it's dusty in here. *swats away a few cobwebs*

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  • 509 weeks
    Update on CMoC

    Okay, so after that disastrous 1 year Hiatus, Cutie Marks of Chaos is back in business, though it's been a tad bit slow. I've got a few other unrelated stories due for a few friends, and college has left me a tad busy (seriously, I need to find a better fucking sleep schedule.)

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  • 511 weeks
    Where we go from here, and some Q/A!

    Hey Ya'll. Slowly making a recovery from the hiatus and getting back into the swing of things with writing Cutie Marks of Chaos.

    Now while it won't take me a year like with Chapter 5, I do need to take a moment to get my shit together IRL and take a break from writing this. This doesn't mean the end of CMoC. Far from it in fact.

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Okay so I lied about the last blog being the last update · 12:59pm Mar 27th, 2013

School hit me like a freight train.

Chapter 5 is almost done.

Just hang in there.

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