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Solar Eclipse

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  • 469 weeks
    I have some big big big news

    Okay guys I have some big news. The other day (two days ago, on Wednesday)I went to Jared's (he went to Jared's!!) And I got my girlfriend a beautiful diamond ring.

    Well today I web down to the river walk with her (location in South Carolina outside of the state capital where you can walk along the river peacefully).

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  • 470 weeks
    I'm not dead

    School has just been crazy

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    pain train

    Alright ladies and mentlegen, it is time for the 'Pain train'

    This is where I chose one lucky follower to be thrown into the sun!



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  • 475 weeks
    So I entered Aegis Sheild's 'ponies and castles' contest to get a spot...

    my bio:

    Name: Solar Flare
    Gender/Age: male/ 18
    Pony Species: unicorn
    Cutie Mark/Job/Special Talent: fire in an arc/ unemployed/ fire magic
    Color Scheme:white coat with a 'dr whooves' style orange - red mane/ tail, Emerald eyes
    Likes: His marefriend. Fire (ya don't say?) dark places, fire spreading easily, lighting up paths with fire to see, burning anything he wants.

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  • 476 weeks
    New story in the making, along with Lone Blades updates!

    I'm going to be creating a new story, I'm not going to spoiler a lot, but it gives a very big insight into the Changeling Hive / Hivemind

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Good news!! · 3:44am Mar 26th, 2013

I'm not dead.

Sorry about not updating in a while, life has been a bitch lately. Ill be continuing writing the chapter of lone blades...
I feel like you guys would like it, after all, the Minor wants the Ultra dead, right?


Btw, a hint as to what I've been addicted to lately:

Did I every tell you the definition of Insanity?

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I know all about addiction. After all: War, war never changes.

Did I every tell you the definition of Insanity?


being in a relationship

Doing the exact same f****ing thing over and over again, while expecting something to change?

948310 "Make it bun dem" "drop the bass turn up the bass and make it hotter"

Alrighty then. Let's get to it.

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