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  • 405 weeks
    High ate us.

    It makes me sad to say that "The Good, The Bad, and The Patsy" is officially going on hiatus. Not that it's any different to you guys who've gone over a month with no update, but that's the official call. I've got too many other priorities right now, so all the time I use to put care into my writing isn't available.

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  • 408 weeks
    Slow n Steady

    I'm so glad that "The Good, The Bad, and The Patsy" got such a warm reception. Except for that one guy who spent too much time on TVtropes and called Luna's employment policies a "Moral Event Horizon" and vaguely threatened me. That was less warm.

    But the rest of you, you people are great! Waiting all patient and such.

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  • 410 weeks
    Keep an eye on your notifications, ladies and germs~!

    You just might see a new story coming down the tubes! Or the tracks, if I'm going to stay thematically consistent with it.

    And if this link works by the time you see it, CHECK DIS SHIT OUT


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  • 418 weeks
    I'm not dead I swear, also pictures!

    I was just spending a few months in a Columbian prison for drug smuggling but I dug my way out with a spoon.

    The next chapter of Love and Harmony is going great, aside from one major snag. Being that for the last three months, both me and my coauthor both thought the other was going to write it. HAHA OOPS.

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  • 426 weeks

    The stray thought may have come to you that "Love and Harmony" hasn't updated in a month.

    Sorry about that. Uni got busy in the last month and the only reason it updated in April was because my gracious co-author TheGreyPotter handled it.

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Scarlet Fever and the next chappy · 4:46am Mar 22nd, 2013

Fun fact, saying "Scarlet fever" is way more fun than having scarlet fever.
I can say this from experience. Imagine turning into a big strawberry from the neck down, and then you get an extra fiery red crotch so you look like a reverse-baboon. Also wearing pants is painful. And then you have strep throat and a fever.
Woo! Spring break rocks!

But how does this effect you, you greedy parasites? The answer is not in the slightest! The next chapter of Love and Harmony was sent out to my co-author a few days ago, so now we're just waiting for her to get a day off and a muse to speak to her.
In the meantime, this is what it looks like whenever TheGreyPotter and I collaborate on our stories.

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