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  • 15 weeks

    So yeah, I am trying to come back to writing on here (even though I don't think a lot of people care).

    You Smoke? seems to have gotten positive feedback, which makes me a bit happy. It was just something I wanted to throw out there to see if would stick. It won't be updated as frequently and most likey just be when it feels best.

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  • 137 weeks
    Update Number Ehhhh

    A Shooting Star? Cancelled.

    Wings on Fire? Cancelled.

    More stories? Yes, two in fact. Just been feeling bad for a while. The first story is going to be published either this month or next month(depending how I'm doing), and the second later this year.

    Hope you guys will enjoy.

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  • 155 weeks
    Back from the dead


    Me? Nothing much, have just been wasting some time.

    Am I back? Well I'm trying to come back to writing and I have couple of ideas what to write. Just been feeling that my writing wasn't really good enough. But it won't stop me now.

    Does anyone care? Probably not.

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  • 281 weeks
    Should I?

    Should I stop writing A Shooting Star? I've been thinking about if I should continue this story or not, because I'm not too happy about how it ended. I've done some editing and changed some dialogs, but I'm still not happy about it. I would like some help to fix this story or maybe I should stop completely. What do you guys think?

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  • 311 weeks
    That feeling.

    Do you know that feeling when you have so many ideas you want to write, but you think it would be too much and can only limit yourself to a few ideas, but then new ideas comes up? No? Just me?

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Soooooo...... · 7:36pm Mar 19th, 2013

So I have been thinking about to write a story, but there is a problem. I have too many ideas and I can't write them all. So I'm asking you guys too vote for what story you want me to write. And I'm gonna say it now. All the suggestions will be HiE's. I'm going too make them as original as possible. So let's begin.

A ninja in Equestria:
It's about a ninja called Chris that get transported to Equestria by ''The Void''. Why did ''The Void'' pick him? Find out and see him progressing through Equestria and try to become the Ultimate Ninja.

A bottle of RAGE:
Kevin is a guy that have anger issues because of his shitty life, his shitty parents and his stupid and annoying sister. He has hard time to contain his anger and rage and the only way for him to contain his rage is to let it loose in a empty bottle. And when hes suddenly transported to Equestria, its hard to contain his rage.

Wings of fire:
Ryan had a normal life. Well so he thought. He suddenly wakes up in a jungle. Not only that but he also has wings and and hes feathers looks like flames.
When he goes and look through the jungle, he finds a orange, yellow pegasus with a black mane.

The Summoner:
Sam, also knowed as ''SCP-001'' and he got the power to summon almost everything he wants. He gets infected with ''SCP-378'' also know as The Brainworm and it make him escape. He use ''SCP-249, but instead to get teleported to the other side of the world, he gets teleported to Everfree Forest. But the Brainworm doesn't care and will try to make Equestria in flames.

So does are the suggestions and I hope you like the ides and have a great day.

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Comments ( 3 )

Bottle of Rage sounds the best


Maybe wings as well, but I think Rage sounds the best.

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