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I'm not a professional writer, I'm just someone writing fics for fun and nothing more.

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  • 268 weeks
    From the Dust

    A web series my brother worked on, it's second season coming out in March. Go give the first season a watch why dontcha?

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  • 285 weeks
    Artist I know is looking to do some Commissions

    Lurking-Leanne is an artist I found that makes amazing artwork for Ratchet and Clank Series, along with some anthro animals. She's the one who made the picture of my current avatar and that's only the head. Here's the rest.

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  • 336 weeks
    Shameless promotion

    This is a youtube series my brother help with and I'm shameless promoting it as much as I can. Give it a shot, I think it's pretty good so far.

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  • 339 weeks
    Over one hundred watchers!

    Technically it's just 102 as of now, but still over a hundred. I would like to thank those who are somehow think I'm good enough for you to click on that watch icon.

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  • 358 weeks
    I'm sorry....

    I've been unproductive over the last few mouths. I mostly blame college, but also for just getting this feeling of...laziness. So

    I'm going to just focus on two stories, Big Iron and Fly Far. I'm putting a Night With Chaos on hiatus, and some of my other stories ideas. So again,

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A new look. · 2:19am Mar 17th, 2013

So FIM got a new look, I don't see the reason why but never the less, it's okay. I have no problem with it. The site still works the same (with some minor varies) and has a nice look to it. I don't see why many people are fussing over it. Maybe it's just me and my use of adapting to new things so quickly.

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Comments ( 1 )

I would guess so. :moustache:

'Twas just so confusing for me. :applejackconfused:
But now I'm over it.

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